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Beyond Keywords — Creative Healthcare Advertisement Strategies for Success

Since 2001, brands like Mayo Clinic, Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics, Back Pain Centers of America, Liberty Medical, Aetna, Ancillon Health, HealthTronics and many others have trusted us to scale their  healthcare marketing and paid search programs.

Maintaining and innovating an agile SEM methodology in health advertising is no easy feat — when it comes to Google’s algorithmic changes, modifications to ad platforms and ad types and an ever-increasing amount of competition in the paid search space, Response Mine is testing new strategies for success daily. We’re called in when results have plateaued, and the client’s objective is efficient, next-level growth.

Our key assets are are our people.

There’s no magic bullet formula for creating effective healthcare advertisements. From media strategists and analytics experts who execute and measure cross-channel strategies ensuring the perfect balance of raw human insight and automated technology to scientific creatives who never settle for “good enough,” Response Mine’s PPC healthcare marketing team is ready to help your organization grow to new heights.

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Case Studies

Back Pain Centers of America
Liberty Medical
Healthtronics, Inc.
Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics
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"So many agencies have to tried to sell us on the value they’re providing, without actually showing us the ROI. Response Mine changed that model completely. They show us exactly the return on our investment in real dollars. It’s so worth it!"

Edmund Mackey, Vice President, Digital, Defenders

Response Mine has the answer for how to make the most of our marketing budget. But I also feel very involved in our online marketing. They’re a true partner in growing our business.

Kristin Clark, Former Director of Marketing, Brinks Home Security

"What Response Mine did for us was really invaluable. And it’s very easy to understand why… there was an obvious correlation between the money we invested with them and the new business we gained online."

Frank Harvey, CEO of Liberty Medical

"I am a serial client of Response Mine. Almost every time I head up a new marketing or ecommerce division, from Home Depot to Carhartt, I've brought Response Mine with me."

Brett Lauter, SVP of Marketing

Thanks to Response Mine’s work, Maid Brigade implemented content and internal linking recommendations that grew our first page keyword rankings by more than 50%.

"The key is working with partners who: #1) I trust, and #2) I have confidence in what they do. I’m definitely a fan of the work of Response Mine."

Alvin Glay, Director, Digital Marketing, Wahoo Fitness

"Their account executives were so in tune with the success of our company that they feel like part of our team. They work very hard to continually increase our return on investment. Our marketing budget has never been better spent."

Frank Harvey, CEO of Liberty Medical

"We take marketing investment very seriously, and we’ve finally found an agency who takes it as seriously as we do. With Response Mine, we’ve found a partner we can trust."

Edmund Mackey, Vice President, Digital, Defenders

For NFCU, Response Mine improved cost per acquisition 23% year over year, while growing “non-brand” applications by better than 130%.

Data. Research. Analytics. Execution.

We have managed some of the largest paid search campaigns for businesses across healthcare, retail, home services and travel. We discover and analyze the key business drivers essential for each client. Whatever the factors — lifetime value (LTV), geography, seasonality — we relentlessly pursue a comprehensive, creative, strategic plan to identify the best opportunities to grow your business.

Integrating PPC and organic SEO efforts results on average in a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profits over isolated or disconnected efforts.

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