Agile Call Center: Optimizing Patient Conversion Rates

Case Study


A Lead Generation Crisis

Our national healthcare lead generation service noticed that partner medical groups weren’t completing patient transfers from the call center. These failed transfers drove catastrophic drops to conversion rates:


Conversions fell by 76% when a warm lead call wasn’t answered by the partner



Optimizing for Success

As an actionable response to these insights, we optimized the patient conversion rates by implementing an after-hours answering service for our healthcare lead generation service.

Beating Industry Standards

graph depicting call center data

The Response Mine Call Center, by all metrics, is an industry-leading revenue generator. Our Call Center averages a 94% answer-rate with 15 seconds of an incoming call versus the industry average of only 85%.

Want to know what a difference a 9% lift in answer-rate looks like?

Response Mine Health’s call center generates over $3 million in revenue annually.

For one client, we produced a massive conversion rate lift from 14.84% to 26.88%.

This shows an 81.13% percentage increase—we’re talking millions of dollars in added revenue.

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