HealthTronics, Inc.

Case Study

Our Challenge


Profitably generate awareness and harvest demand for the HIFU prostate cancer treatment offered by HealthTronics, Inc


Our Process


Execute a three-month pilot program focusing on driving demand to the Chicago-based ASC


The Results


Created a scalable brand identity highlighting the HIFU procedure and HealthTronics’ Total Care Centers that drove demand using our HIPAA compliant call center




Our team identified core topics and target keywords to be visible with the right audience, and to build trust in BPC expertise. These topics were structured in a comprehensive architectural map to ensure that the flow of information on the site would fit with a user’s desired path. We worked closely with website designers and developers to ensure complete technical execution at launch in keeping with current best practices for SEO. In concert with content efforts, we executed strategic link-building campaigns to improve content visibility.



Persona Development



Rather than relying on outmoded demographics, we utilize psychographic models when creating patient personas. For this treatment, we deployed messaging that appealed to these segments:


(constantly seek to enhance family health, information seeking, family healthy is top priority, attentive to healthcare marketing, willing to compare options)


(not deterred by expense, proactive, attentive to healthcare advertising, information seeking)

Thrive, Type 2 

(interested in alternative care, long term health benefits, financially affluent, high information seeking)

We took this client’s vision and built a brand. To fuel that brand, we waged PPC marketing, creating landing pages and educational content to appeal to HIFU’s unique patient base while leveraging our in-house, HIPAA compliant call center to capture demand. As a result, HealthTronics gained a brand identity ready to be scaled for the national market as well a competitive strategy to grow in relevance in the marketplace.

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