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Response Mine Health GeoPersona System (GPS)

Covering 230,000,000 Americans and 110,000,000 households, Response Mine’s GeoPersona System (GPS) tracks demographic, spending and behavioral data related to the health of populations in the U.S. With this data, we build “health scores,” showing where health related behavior is most abundant (e.g. smoking, high blood pressure, depression, exercise). We also use current and historical data to predict future rates of patients in every area per service line. And we track insurance expenditures by zip code, so that we understand not only where the highest cases of health issues are likely to occur, but also the measure of where insurance expenditures are occurring.

To better understand the science behind marketing spend, please review the video here. For an even deeper dive, download the whitepaper below.

The Science of Patient Segmentation

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The Science of Patient Segmentation

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Response Mine Health Metrics Demonstration

Depending on the audience, digital marketing reports can seem too simplistic or overly complicated. And the information they’re meant to convey (e.g. customer interest, competitive pressure and pricing) historically could not be provided quickly enough. With this in mind, Response Mine Metrics enables our clients to see the status of their accounts in real time and at whatever level they prefer. We cater the display to our clients’ individual preferences, through charts, tables, maps or whatever medium they wish, and against whatever timeline (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) makes the most sense for them. Watch the demo below to get a better understanding of how this works.

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Hospital Checklist

Hospital Checklist

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9 Drivers Interconnected

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9 Drivers Evolution

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Ken Robbins explains the power of A/B Split Testing

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Hospital Messaging

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The Nine Drivers of Healthcare Consumerism

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