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Response Mine Health Metrics Demonstration

We asked patients, who had visited a hospital within the last two years, the following question:

When you next choose a hospital or healthcare provider, will their social media presence (Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp) be important to you?

Patients Respond to Hospital Phone Wait Times

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We thought it would be interesting to see how answers differed by Doctors, Patients and Professional Healthcare Marketers. We asked them the following question:

How influential are the following media when local patients choose a hospital?

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We asked people about their preferences when interacting with medical groups and hospitals:

Suppose you’re calling around for a new medical group or hospital and after a brief automated greeting your call is put on hold. How long would you wait on hold before hanging up?

Patients Respond to Hospital Phone Wait Times

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We asked healthcare marketing professionals and doctors the same question:

What marketing/growth issue would you most like to solve in 2018?

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