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Drive Sales Through Product Recommendations

The secret to improving sales revenues and conversion rates may lie, not in creating more products, but in better leveraging the products you do have by offering product recommendations to online visitors.

Google’s Parallel Tracking Update Is Here to Stay

Earlier this year, Google started offering parallel tracking as a click measurement option for advertisers on the old Google AdWords platform (now Google Ads). Starting on October 30th, it will become required.

Top 5 Tips for Establishing Your Hospital’s Brand

Branding goes beyond just marketing – it requires you to take an in-depth review into what you want your company to represent. When done right it can be the differentiator you need to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Attribution Is a Problem You May Not Know You Have

Capitalizing on how you collect data and analyze it will be the determining factor as to whether your marketing campaigns are as successful as they could be. Having a structured system in place to track marketing ROI is a key differentiator in any industry, as you are then able to continually ensure you are on the right platforms, at the right times, with the right messages to attract new customers.

Why Technology Disruption Can’t Be Ignored

With technological innovation being produced at breakneck speed, staying behind the times and not upgrading how you use technology is no longer a viable business option.

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