Words of Wellness

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Native Ads

When it comes to finding innovative and proven advertising strategies to attract more patients, here are the top three reasons why native advertising can be your secret marketing weapon.

What Marketers Need to Know About 5G

With 5G phones expected to be available sometime later this year, and becoming widespread by 2020, marketers must take note and see how they can leverage this new high-tech shift.

Wellness and Healthcare Consumerism Are Here to Stay

There are several reasons the word “wellness” has become such a thoroughly-repeated term. Namely, public health issues like the opioid crisis, ethical challenges in pharmaceuticals and the increasing importance of the customer experience in health and wellness care.

Millennials Are Aging: Your Healthcare Marketing Should be Changing

As Millennials reach middle age they are beginning to encounter common aging illnesses and conditions. For forward thinking health and wellness providers the need to begin shifting marketing efforts to capture more of the Millennial market is becoming evident.

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