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Think YouTube: How to Prevent Wasted Spend and Maximize Efficiency

The amount of available impressions on YouTube is staggering. The sky's the limit and  with such a large audience available it seems as though there is an unlimited amount of money that can be invested into a YouTube advertising campaign. This overabundance of...

Think YouTube: Goals and How to Reach Them

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by YouTube advertising by setting your goals before beginning an ad campaign. Our resident expert goes over how best to meet your brand awareness and engagement goals.

Think YouTube: Tips for Channel Optimization

Before starting a YouTube paid program, it is critical to have your house in order. For example, it’s not advantageous to drive people to your website if it isn’t designed to guide the actions you want them to take. While proper optimization of audiences, keywords,...

Think YouTube: Television Advertising in the Digital Age

Regardless of industry, size, and other nuances, every company has the same goal: find a way to get in front of a potential customer and showcase all the fantastic qualities and capabilities of your company. Over the past few years Google has also realized this. Their...

3 Strategies to Take Your Google Shopping Campaigns to the Next Level

Are you selling products online? If so, you have set up or are in the process of creating Google Shopping Campaigns. Assuming you have both a Google Ads and a Google Merchant Center account, these are the three most critical areas to master so you can elevate your shopping campaigns from perfunctory to proficient.

How to Audit Your Phone Handling for New Patient Scheduling

With medical costs expected to increase by up to 10% this year, the ability to offer a seamless and enhanced patient experience is quickly becoming an important criteria for patients considering a new healthcare provider. In fact, marketing research has found that 57%...

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