Words of Wellness

Meet the New “Digital” Consumer

In today’s economy, having health insurance does not guarantee that a consumer can actually afford the necessary medical treatment and care they need. American consumers are staying on top of their health by turning to health apps and wearable monitoring devices.

Is Informed Consumerism Your Biggest Marketing Problem?

Staying competitive in the healthcare industry is quickly becoming about how you connect with informed consumers. To generate sizable marketing ROI, healthcare providers will need to shift how they view the role of marketing.

Your Customers Don’t Want to Wait

How you handle customer calls could mean the difference between growing your client list or struggling to keep it from shrinking. New research reveals just how long customers are willing to wait.

Why Investing in TV Advertising Won’t Work

Consumers use the internet for everything, including making healthcare-related decisions. But, hospitals continue to invest in television advertising. A recent survey sheds light on why healthcare advertising may be lagging behind other industries – and going virtually unseen.

Your Social Media Presence IS Important to Patients

In a recent nationwide survey, we asked consumers a simple question, “When choosing a hospital or healthcare provider, will their social media presence be important to you?” The results of this poll are shedding important light on the influence a healthcare provider’s social media presence can have.

The Current State of Native Advertising

Two years ago, the Federal Trade Commission issued lengthy guidance on proper disclosure and other advisories targeting native online advertising.

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