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Why Digital Marketing Is Not One Size Fits All

As smartphones are quickly replacing the need for laptops and desktop computers, determining how your customers use technology is an essential component in allocating marketing resources accordingly. Positioning your digital marketing efforts on the right platforms is key to ensure that your company is in front of your target audience as often as possible.

Why Analytics Tools Will Define Your Marketing

Traditional advertising may reach a large number of potential customers, but the ROI is extremely difficult to track. Leading healthcare providers are now leveraging the latest data analytic tools to seamlessly track and evaluate the effectiveness of all their marketing initiatives.

Don’t Get Distracted by Vanity Metrics

When it comes to generating marketing results, health and wellness providers want more than “vanity metrics” to track ROI. Leading companies are leveraging an innovative approach to how they track, analyze, and report marketing results to truly drive business growth.

Are Your Page Loading Times Working Against You?

Since the first stop for most internet-savvy consumers is your website, analyzing its load time is a top priority. Otherwise, you risk turning customers away before they have a chance to learn about your products or services.

Your Digital Marketing Can Drive In-Store Sales

With consumers increasingly relying on the internet to find, review, and make purchasing decisions, how you target your digital marketing initiatives can help you drive foot traffic to your physical stores.

Google Begins Move to Mobile-First Indexing

Google is making big changes to how it determines search rankings by migrating to a mobile-first focus. We explain what mobile-first indexing is, who will be impacted, and what Google is going to be looking for moving forward.

Attracting Baby Boomers Starts With a Phone Call

The key to attracting and retaining consumers over the age of 50, is to understand how they like to receive information, what factors drive their decision-making process, and how you can cater to their communication preferences.

Facebook’s Ending Partnership with Data Brokers

What does this change mean for advertisers and companies who rely on Facebook advertising? Well, it depends on how much first party information your business has on its customers and what kind of Facebook advertising you’re doing.

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