Words of Wellness

Wellness and Healthcare Consumerism Are Here to Stay

There are several reasons the word “wellness” has become such a thoroughly-repeated term. Namely, public health issues like the opioid crisis, ethical challenges in pharmaceuticals and the increasing importance of the customer experience in health and wellness care.

Millennials Are Aging: Your Healthcare Marketing Should be Changing

As Millennials reach middle age they are beginning to encounter common aging illnesses and conditions. For forward thinking health and wellness providers the need to begin shifting marketing efforts to capture more of the Millennial market is becoming evident.

Think YouTube: How to Prevent Wasted Spend and Maximize Efficiency

The amount of available impressions on YouTube is staggering. The sky's the limit and  with such a large audience available it seems as though there is an unlimited amount of money that can be invested into a YouTube advertising campaign. This overabundance of...

Think YouTube: Goals and How to Reach Them

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by YouTube advertising by setting your goals before beginning an ad campaign. Our resident expert goes over how best to meet your brand awareness and engagement goals.

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