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Leveraging Live Chat to Attract Millennial Patients

With the aging Baby Boomers quickly being outnumbered by the more “on-demand” Millennial generation, how you navigate the use of technology in your customer service processes could mean the difference between attracting new patients or losing out on business to more tech-savvy competitors.

Improving Patient Wellness Through Marketing

In a recent survey, physicians were asked to identify the largest concern facing hospitals today. And, their responses reached well beyond industry competition or consumer preferences.

Attracting New Patients Starts with Customer Service

With healthcare consumerism on the rise, patients are willing and able to find hospitals with the best customer service and the best physicians. Modern hospitals must upgrade their customer service experience if they are to truly attract new patients.

Do All Patients Really Care About Social Media?

It’s no secret that the modern patient begins their healthcare journey online, often interacting with a healthcare brand for the first time on a social media platform. But could it really be true that all patients are looking for your brand on social media?

Patient Survey Reveals Top Marketing Platforms

In today’s digitized age, patients prefer highly personalized messages. Yet, the research shows that marketers are still relying on what marketing methods that used to work as opposed to exploring new, proven marketing strategies.

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