With more than 1.3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide and with many countries instituting strict stay-at-home orders, now more than ever, digital marketers are needed to reach the masses. As schools, universities, and non-essential businesses are forced to work in a virtual capacity, more hours are being spent online than not. And, for savvy digital marketers, this represents an ideal time to get (and stay) in front of your target audience. Here are the top three ways that you can strategically position your digital marketing campaigns to thrive during the global pandemic.

Create special offers.

Although your customers are online more than before, so too are your competitors. You will need to be unique in both your approach and in your offers to truly stand out from the crowd of businesses vying for your customers’ attention. You can do this by offering deeply discounted flash sales, creating bundle offers, or even promising (if you can) fast shipping. It is important to recognize two things when crafting your offers: cost and convenience. Many consumers have been financially impacted by the health crisis and getting essential items has proved to be both costly and impossible. By offering lower prices, bulk discounts, and/or free shipping options could all be ways to attract customers during this time.

Build an online community.

With social distancing becoming the norm, many people feel isolated from their loved ones and their normal routines. If your brand is able to connect with your audience in an organic way, then this is important. You could offer a virtual live event or post about how people can use your product or service to stay active, motivated, or productive are all great ways to build community. Encourage your social media followers to share their “quarantine chronicles” or what their daily life looks like now with everything shifting to online. Find ways to “personify” your brand by adding a human element as well. This can be done by having employees share what they are doing to stay positive or highlight acts of service that your company is doing to help others get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leverage local SEO as much as possible.

As government officials have required people to stay home or only leave for essential items, local business search has become important. You want to optimize your website by including city names and or zip codes served, so that your business will be included in “near me” searches. This gives you the rare chance to capture a large market share of local people who are looking for your services or products during this time of need. With lots of local businesses now competing for “travel averse” consumers, the best way to stand out is through online reviews. If you have not asked customers for a review, now is a good time to ask. Many customers are willing to help local businesses, now more than ever, so use this time to boost your online ratings both on Google and on social media.

The future of our country and the business landscape is still rather uncertain. However, one thing is true: having an online presence and a proven digital marketing strategy is mission critical right now. Businesses that are able to quickly adapt and serve their audiences online will be able to survive and thrive through the next 3-6 months as the world deals with this global health crisis.

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