Harnessing the power of social media marketing is a fairly newfound art that not all companies have learned how to master. Companies who have found creative ways to engage with their followers have been able to generate millions of views, shares, and as a result — significant increases in revenue. In a world where not all social media campaigns are made equal, it is how you cut through the social media chatter to get noticed that matters. Here are the three very successful social media campaigns to take note from in 2019.

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Starting a social-driven conversation

Marketing campaigns that leverage user-generated content have 9.8x more engagement1 over those that solely use social media influencer strategies. As customers and non-customers alike participate in the campaign, it creates more momentum and Adidas’ She Breaks Barriers initiative is the perfect example of this. Under the hashtag #CreatorsUnite, female athletes of all ages were encouraged to share the challenges and barriers they face in their sports. 

What made this campaign successful? It broke through the marketing white noise to spark an engaging dialogue with its target audience. User-generated content was featured on the company’s social media pages to boost engagement, which led to their posts being shared and commented on by millions of social media followers.

Tapping into what’s trending

Social media influencers and celebrities often drive a lot of the content on Facebook and Instagram, especially when it comes to fashion. Nail polish manufacturer, Essie pinpointed a surge in creative nail designs and found a way to tap into what social media followers were already consuming. By using #essielove and by incorporating strong calls-to-action on each Instagram post, Essie was able to get over 2 million of their followers to share their own creative nail designs, tagging the company’s page and accumulating millions of views on their product pages alone. 300,000 user images later, Essie has had one of the best breakout social media years in the company’s short history.

What made this campaign successful? Essie was able to tap into the mass desire and use it to promote their brand. Social media was already a buzz with eccentric nail designs from celebrities and social media influencers, and Essie just rode the wave by making their social media posts and calls-to-action immediately relevant to what was trending on social media feeds.


Bringing your brand to life

The power of social media is its ability to instantly connect your followers in order to enhance shared experience around your brand. However, all too often companies forget that for their products and services to resonate with their target audience, customers need to see their products in action. Outdoor adventure brand, Cotopaxi is doing just that in their ongoing #gearforgood campaign on Instagram. Featuring real brand users in various outdoor environments using their products, they have been able to organically showcase their brand’s wide range of functionality.

What made this campaign successful? This social media campaign went beyond just Instagram and unlocked the true desire of their customers: love of adventure. Not only are users able to submit their own photos to be featured, but by sharing their images, they are seamlessly tapping into what the brand represents and how that comes to life for the customer. Even looking through some of the breathtaking pictures and the places where the brand’s products have gone generates excitement and the urge to want to buy from them.


The key to a successful social media campaign isn’t just rooted in how you execute but also in what your followers want to see. When you understand more about your target audience than just their demographics, you are able to engage them with innovative social media campaigns that stick. With a host of live streaming, video, and even geotargeting features available to companies on all social media platforms, how you leverage these tools will be key to connecting with and attracting loyal followers in new ways.


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