With most marketing efforts geared toward attracting Millennials and Baby Boomers, marketers may be missing out on a powerful customer segment: Generation X. Coined as the “lost generation”, Generation X consumers were born between 1965 and 1980, representing a large and relatively untapped market of 65+ million consumers. With some members nearing retirement age, and in an intricate time of caring for their growing children and aging parents, Generation Xers range in age from 39 to 54 and carry a big purchasing punch. With a median annual income of $101,0001 almost $25,000 more than the average household income, they have more disposable income than any other generational cohort.

Recent market research has also found that Generation Xers spend, on average $73,6812 a year, giving them control of over 30%3 of the purchasing power in the country.  

But, how do you reach Generation X?

Generation X man looking at computer screen.

Unlike the social media-focused Millennials and the technology-averse Baby Boomers, Generation X enjoys the convenience of digital marketing but without the constant barrage of marketing. In fact,  56% of those surveyed said there is too much advertising on social platforms and they are less likely to be persuaded to use a new product or service because a social influencer recommends it.4 Instead, to best reach the Generation X consumer, returning to traditional digital advertising techniques and campaigns could serve to be more effective.

Here are three ways you can tap into the Generation X market with strategies that resonate with them.

Email marketing

Generation Xers are all about convenience and having the information they want, when they want. They prefer a more passive marketing approach and may actively avoid overly aggressive or what they deem to be invasive marketing campaigns. When asked how they want to receive marketing messages, 40% of those surveyed said that subscribing to brand email lists was their top choice.5 Therefore, using a content-focused email marketing strategy can be effective in building brand awareness with Generation X consumers. The key to staying top of mind without overwhelming the already marketing-resistant demographic is to provide a well-balanced mix of value and promotion in your email sequences. Timing them so you touch your Generation X consumers at least once a week can also be an effective way of building brand engagement, even if passively.


Content marketing

Relevant and practical information is important for Generation X consumers. The more tailored your content is to their specific problems and interests, the more engagement you are likely to have throughout all of your marketing efforts. These consumers are not interested in being sold, but rather want to feel empowered that they have the information they need to make educated decisions. To appeal to this need, leveraging a content marketing strategy can help to position your company as a thought leader in the industry and can be an indirect way to pitch your products or services. With 44% of Generation Xers preferring to engage with brands by regularly visiting their websites,6 making sure your website is updated with promotions, events, and blog content is both relevant and mission-critical.


Mobile Apps

Whether it is placing an order, scheduling appointments, or sending money, Generation X’ers love mobile apps. In a recent survey over 60%7 of people between the ages of 40 and 55 stated that they use at least one mobile app every day. With Generation X being considered the most “stressed” demographic having to balance caring for children, aging parents, managing their careers, while also planning for retirement, providing ways for them to seamlessly engage with your products or services is ideal. Creating a mobile app that enables consumers to quickly get or request the information or assistance they need can help to make your brand a permanent fixture in their lives.

The key to marketing to Generation X is in understanding the factors that drive their purchasing behavior. Though they may be outnumbered by Millennials and Baby Boomers, their willingness to spend should not be ignored. If you haven’t revisited your marketing strategy with the Generation X consumer in mind, then now is the time.

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