Many healthcare providers assume that marketing serves one purpose – to spread awareness about your services and get potential consumers in the door. This assumption isn’t wrong; however, many healthcare providers overlook the benefits that marketing can have on enhancing the patient experience. As patients become more empowered, researching their healthcare providers and actively seeking alternatives to care, it is becoming increasingly important to have an effective marketing strategy in place in order to enhance the patient experience and increase patient acquisition and retention.

Here are the top three ways your healthcare marketing can shape the patient experience:

Increased visibility

Whether it is through blog articles, company website or other forms of content, your marketing messages put the key benefits of your care on display for potential consumers to see. With the increased competition in the healthcare field it is also invaluable to have a killer SEO strategy that will rank you above your competitors on relevant queries. In this way, when patients are looking for specific treatments, procedures, or certain health outcomes (i.e. reducing allergies or managing their blood pressure), they can quickly see what your company has to offer. Marketing serves to provide visibility to the patient, demystifying the healthcare experience and creating opportunities for patient acquisition. By having a clear understanding of what you offer and your areas of expertise, patients don’t waste time in getting the care they need and want. When patients feel empowered and knowledgeable in making a healthcare decision, it enhances their overall experience.

Simplified communication

When creating content in the healthcare industry, experts with years of experience typically write up dense content, brimming with medical jargon that is not easy for the average Joe to understand. Marketers work as the middle man between medical professionals and patients, bridging the gaps in communication by translating and formatting content into simplified pieces of information that are easy to consume. Furthermore, marketers are knowledgeable in how to create content that is relatable and empathetic to the patient. The right marketing messages are informative while making the patient feel understood. By making the patient feel seen, marketing can serve to build trust between your healthcare company and a potential patient before they ever step foot in your facility.

Patient perspective

Marketers are able to provide a perspective different than that of healthcare providers. Healthcare providers may be less able to detach themselves from their work and therefore less likely to see things from the eyes of the patient. Healthcare marketers are less engrossed in the day to day workings of the industry, and therefore are better able to see things from the patient perspective. After all, marketers are patients too. The right healthcare marketers are able to understand both mindsets, that of the healthcare provider and that of the patient. This unique viewpoint allows for the creation of effective messaging, serving to bolster patient acquisition and retention.

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