With 80% of all global online traffic being driven by videos,1 video marketing is on track to revolutionize how you reach and engage your customers. As more traditional advertising channels are being quickly replaced with video-based content, marketers must adapt and do so fast or risk being left far behind. And, considering the average consumer will see at least several thousand marketing messages a day, finding ways to cut through the clutter is top priority. When you take a look at the most recent video marketing research, it becomes clear that incorporating, short, highly-impactful videos as part of your advertising campaigns will be integral in expanding your brand reach, engaging new customers, and growing your company’s bottomline.

In fact, according to internet traffic researches, by 2022, online videos will drive 15x times higher traffic than in 2017.2 And with the rollout of 5G later this year and the increased web streaming capabilities of most smartphones, the easiest way to get (and stay) in front of your target audience will likely be through the use of video content.

So, the question then becomes, how can marketers leverage videos to engage their target audiences and generate higher sales?

Here are three ways that you can creatively use videos in your next marketing campaign to move the needle and generate a higher ROI.

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Use live videos

Good video marketing content does not have to be scripted or highly edited to be impactful, especially on social media. Live videos have a more authentic and spontaneous look and feel over traditional marketing videos. And, this “spur-of-the-moment” aspect that live videos provide can be a great way to showcase your brand in action during events, with customer interviews, or through product reviews by key influencers. Digital marketing experts estimate that over 79% of Facebook users actively watch and engage with Facebook live videos.3 In addition, using premiere features on YouTube or Facebook to announce the release of new video content can help to drive more traffic and attention to your videos. It will be important to measure the analytics of each video you post to get an accurate idea of what content performs best for your target audience.

Consider video placement

Where you use video is important in how you appeal to your audiences. Explainer videos on landing pages and company websites can be an effective way to introduce new customers to your products or services. Leveraging video testimonials from your customers and pushing them to your social media accounts can be an easy way to generate social proof and higher brand awareness. Likewise, placing videos in your emails are a unique way to give your traditional nurtures a new and more personable touch. Because of the sheer volume of new video content that is published each day, it will be important to find ways to repurpose or even recycle your video content. This can be done by taking a longer explainer video, for example, and editing it into smaller segments that can be shared over time on social media or embedded in written content like blogs as well. Depending on your audience, you may find that videos on social media are more effective versus those placed on your company website, or vice versa.

Explore new video platforms

As the emergence of new video sharing social media platforms like TikTok become popular, marketers can look to these outlets to engage audiences in new ways. And, with some of the fastest-growing apps like SnapChat boasting at least 10 billion video views a day,4 positioning your video content on the right platforms to be seen will be mission-critical. The key will be in identifying the platforms your target audiences use, creating immediately appealing (and short) video content, and posting this content as often as possible. Creating a video content schedule ahead of time can be an effective way to ensure that you are producing a variety of videos and have a plan to continually keep your audience engaged.

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