The first 4G phones hit the market in 2011,1 ushering in what was then a new era of fast connectivity. But, the time has come to upgrade wireless networks to welcome in even more innovation. With 5G phones expected to be available sometime later this year, and becoming widespread by 2020, marketers must take note and see how they can leverage this new high-tech shift.

Dice spelling out 4G, rotating one side to spell 5G.

5G promises a significant improvement over the current 4G infrastructure and is expected to allow for enhanced wireless responsiveness across a host of mobile devices. This means that the data bandwidth will exponentially increase, enabling faster transmission to make real-time applications such as driverless cars and remote surgery possible.2

Technology experts tout the evolution of 5G as being the backbone of “The Internet of Things” (IoT). Rather than just having mobile devices, our devices will be able to collect millions of data points that can serve to reshape how we interact with the world. In addition, wearable technology and smart devices will become more of a two-way interaction, being able to track and predict consumer behavior in real time. With 5G, billions of data points will be simultaneously collected as consumers interact with mobile devices, empowering marketers to get real-time product insights like never before.

As throughput, to mobile devices, an increasing amount of consumers will be able to watch high definition videos more reliably, paving the way for video advertising to take precedence in the future. Additionally, 5G will make it easier to leverage innovative technologies such as virtual reality interactivity on websites, which can be a revolutionary way for marketers to attract and engage new consumers.

Advanced wearable technology that can track consumer medical behavior such as medication use or monitor vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. can be another way that 5G technology can revolutionize your consumer experience, particularly in the healthcare field.

What does 5G specifically mean for marketers?

It is estimated that by 20243, in just 5 years time, 5G and devices that support them will become ubiquitous. This represents nearly half the time to adoption that it took for 4G devices. The technology buzz around 5G has been building for the past year and as cell phone providers scramble to get their infrastructures in place, it is time for marketers to prepare as well. It is expected that 5G will deliver data speeds in the gigabits, in under 10 milliseconds. That means consumers will be able to conveniently stream and access almost anything in a matter of seconds. So, the days of slow loading websites and buffering videos may be numbered. Consumers will come to expect near-instant loading and viewing across all of their mobile devices. Which is why you need to make sure now that your marketing campaigns and company websites are ready for the 5G roll out.




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