As Millennials reach middle age they are beginning to encounter common aging illnesses and conditions. For forward thinking health and wellness providers the need to begin shifting marketing efforts to capture more of the Millennial market is becoming evident. Unlike their Baby Boomer parents, 44% of Millennials acknowledge skipping necessary medical care because of their inability to pay.1 Due to this growing trend, healthcare experts expect aging Millennials to have poorer health outcomes than their parents.2

In this regard, positioning your healthcare marketing to appeal to the Millennial market can serve to be an effective way to expand your customer base and to generate greater revenues well into the future. As patients have greater access to medical information, they are becoming more informed and will seek alternative options for care. However, if healthcare providers are able to position their services as being both affordable and easily accessible to Millennials, this could serve to help disrupt the medical care avoidance trend, among those aged 30-40 years old.

Here are three ways that you can shift your healthcare marketing to better align with Millennial’s needs and preferences.



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Make social responsibility a priority

Having a philanthropic and community-service orientation is important for Millennials, as they often seek out socially responsible companies and brands to support. In a recent survey, 81% of Millennials surveyed said they expect companies to be good social citizens.3 If your organization volunteers, donates to local causes, or otherwise engages in environmentally-friendly practices, be sure that this messaging and information is included in your healthcare marketing initiatives.

Focus on convenience and communication

Technology is an integral part of everyday life, and consumers have become adjusted to receiving products and services quickly and conveniently. Millennials, have come to expect immediate and convenient service from those brands and companies they purchase from. Having a fully-staffed call center and implementing innovative communication strategies such as website chat services are great ways to provide around the clock support. Since Millennials are cost-conscious and more apt to avoid seeking medical care, you want to be sure to lower any barriers to care or any delays in communication that may open the door for Millennials to go to a competitor.

Create a social media presence

To appeal to Millennial patients, it is critical to bring your brand to life and share patient experiences as often as possible. Millennials want to feel connected to their healthcare provider and will likely review a company’s social media platforms and online reviews before making a commitment. And, with 81% of Millennials using Facebook4 on a regular basis, establishing well thought out social media pages can be an effective way to connect and engage with prospective patients.


As Millennials enter into middle and late-adulthood, now is the time to start positioning your healthcare marketing messages to appeal to this large demographic. Representing nearly a third of the American population, Millennials are a growing market that cannot be ignored.






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