As companies look to generate the largest marketing ROI possible, focusing on attracting the Millennial market can pay off big. Ranging in age from 22-38 years old, this generation has the most purchasing power at approximately $600 billion dollars,1 according to the most recent estimates. With such a large purchasing power, healthcare marketers must find the most effective ways to connect and engage with the Millennial audience.

Unlike their older Baby Boomer counterparts, Millennials are more likely to explore alternative healthcare options and leverage social media as a way to stay informed of healthcare trends and lifestyle movements.2 In fact, 88% of Millennials use some form of social media every day,3 with many spending at least 6 hours a day on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Leading companies are taking advantage of these social habits and finding creative ways to get their brand in front of Millennials on the very platforms that they already frequent. And, the use of social media stories is an emerging strategy that is serving to help healthcare providers quickly engage with prospective patients and grow their social media following. Here are the top three ways that social media stories can enhance your company’s social media marketing to attract Millennials.


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Give your followers a varied experience

The world of social media is always changing to give users and businesses new ways to interact with one another. The story feature does just that and enables you to give new and current followers more ways to see your product or service in action. Stories can also be a great way to highlight a specific product, a new product launch, or even a customer testimonial. In this sense, your company’s story can be a supplement to what is already posted on your social media feeds, but can also act as “exclusive” content that is changed daily.


Get in front of more prospective Millennial patients

The story space is relatively untapped (as of now), allowing you to get premium placement for paid ads. Unlike a traditional social media advertisement that can be bypassed in someone’s social media feed, paid story advertisements have been able to generate higher interaction and ROI. With some platforms such as Snapchat reporting up to 60% ad engagement. This means you can get in front of a larger audience, for less, and have better patient acquisition results.


Bring your brand to life

Millennials have grown up being immersed in technology – and being constantly bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. Being able to connect with them and build brand loyalty is key. And, leveraging stories to share the human elements of your brand can be an amazing opportunity to build that brand awareness. In fact, 62% of Millennial’s report that they are more likely to purchase from companies that interact with them on social media.4 By using the story feature to advertise promotions, announce follower contests, or share an impactful quote, it’s easy to begin connecting with the Millennial audience.

With 300 million and 400 million users actively interacting with social media stories on Facebook and Instagram, respectively, leveraging this fast-growing feature can serve to be an effective way to attract prospective patients.5 The key is to post regularly and choose content that is appealing to the Millennial market.




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