Before starting a YouTube paid program, it is critical to have your house in order. For example, it’s not advantageous to drive people to your website if it isn’t designed to guide the actions you want them to take. While proper optimization of audiences, keywords, topics, and videos is important for a paid YouTube campaign, they are supplemental to  your channel’s foundation. Without a quality YouTube channel, results from your paid efforts on the platform could be limited.

A good channel is crucial when advertising on YouTube. The ultimate goal is to convince potential customers to enjoy your product and then to have them interact with other videos on your channel.  Every second a customer spends watching one of your videos, is a second that you have someone engaging with your brand. While having a plethora of content is well and good, the organization of this content is more important. Here, we will outline some organic YouTube optimizations that can be easily utilized to maximize the results of paid programming.


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Landing Video/Cover Photo:

Make sure to put your best foot forward. It Is vital to choose a strong photo and first impression video to display for when anyone lands on your channel.  Get into the mindset that this page is an extension of your own website, even if it is not hosted on your domain.

While presenting the logo is paramount, be sure to also include an image that captures the spirit of the company. It sounds obvious, but this tip is typically overlooked. Additionally, there is an opportunity to present an eye-catching video that can serve to capture the attention of the consumer. Make sure the video is concise and emphasizes unique selling points; It should not exceed fifteen seconds.


Front Page Organization:

Default organization of a YouTube channel shows the most recently uploaded video. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal organizational structure for advertisers. It is sloppy and can confuse the consumer. It’s important to organize whatever content you have into playlists that hint at business priorities, and it’s extremely important to set at least one of those playlists as the homepage default. This change cleans up a page immensely and  puts your business in a more professional light. Again, simple fixes provide easy wins.


Video SEO:

Improper titling is a common mistake seen throughout the YouTube landscape.Plenty of brands upload videos with an internal or IT title – trust me, no one out there knows what “30s_WEB_NewProductLaunchDec2018” means, and neither does Google.  Simple titling is an easy way to improve the overall look of a page – it also allows for future A/B testing to further increase engagement and reach.

Custom thumbnails (what a user sees when a video is on the results page) are an easy and free way to drive brand awareness.  Consistent or standardized thumbnailing is great for achieving a clean-cut look.

Lastly, every video has the opportunity to be tagged with keywords.  This is just a good, old fashioned SEO best practice at heart. Listing some major keywords – “carpet” for a video about laying carpet, for example – can help Google find your video and get more relevant subscribers.



Implementing these strategies should be mandatory before launching any paid YouTube campaign.  They are simple, easy, free, and imperative to a successful campaign. Skimping on the foundation of a campaign will cause you to miss out on potential customers and potentially waste your investment.



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Joe Madden is a Media Manager for Response Mine focuses on PPC and YouTube.  He strongly believes that YouTube is an oft-overlooked pillar of a digital media strategy that can drive real results for his clients.  Outside of work, Joe is typically traveling wherever he can, volunteering within the diabetes community, or playing soccer whenever he gets a chance.
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