Regardless of industry, size, and other nuances, every company has the same goal: find a way to get in front of a potential customer and showcase all the fantastic qualities and capabilities of your company.

Over the past few years Google has also realized this. Their platform, YouTube, is ideal for introducing and reinforcing brand messaging because it harnesses the powers of their traditional PPC advertising with their vast inventory of users. For instance, Google boasts that every week 5 billion seconds of content is consumed on YouTube and that this number is perpetually increasing. Each day more and more people turn to YouTube to learn about a product, to learn how to do something, or simply to be entertained. This colossal user base married with Google’s audience building and segmentation capabilities creates a platform that can utilize every dollar to its maximum extent.


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If traditionally purchased television ads are a blunt hammer with generalized reporting and results, then YouTube is a surgical scalpel with eerily clear reporting and results. By being able to target consumers, not only by geography and demographics, Google can distinguish between audiences that are ready to buy, are interested in a product, or have been to your website to ensure that only the most relevant people will see your content. This level of precision allows for smaller budgets that maximize reach even if controlling the frequency that your ad shows.

Another advantage of YouTube is that Google provides audience insights that can help drive business decisions across other digital and traditional channels. For example, a current client was only targeting people up to 55-years-old for television advertisements. However, through the data collected via YouTube the client realized that there were plenty of 55 to 65-year-old people consuming and engaging with the brand. Using YouTube’s super targeted approach each brand dollar goes further, and the influences can be seen cross channel and tactic.


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Although much has been accomplished, Google itself has not fully maximized the potential of this channel. In 2018, Google introduced new tactics to diversify its portfolios and achieve more goals. By being able to diversify the ad spend on Youtube, more levers can be pulled to drive more than just awareness. YouTube is quickly becoming a channel that can effectively drive revenue.

With newer tactics like Shoppable Cards and TrueView for Action, Google is successfully increasing engagement with ads. The Shoppable Cards program is a special extension that allows you to implement your PLA ads on top of your ads and videos on YouTube. We have used Shoppable Cards with multiple clients, and across the board we have seen return on ad spends in the $10-$20 range, for that tactic alone, or a comfortable $5 return when looking at the complete program.

YouTube has never been billed as a revenue-first channel, so seeing high ROAS, in addition to the inexpensive brand awareness, should provide the motivation to invest in this channel. Google’s ability to ramp up its resources within this system shows just how much it has accomplished in its infancy and where it has the potential to go. Current users are in a position to be on the cutting edge of digital space.


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Joe Madden is a Media Manager for Response Mine focuses on PPC and YouTube.  He strongly believes that YouTube is an oft-overlooked pillar of a digital media strategy that can drive real results for his clients.  Outside of work, Joe is typically traveling wherever he can, volunteering within the diabetes community, or playing soccer whenever he gets a chance.
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