Landing pages, for any type of business, take significant time to develop. The reason that so much goes into crafting strategic landing pages is because a large portion of the budget and planned efforts go into buying search terms with paid media. The landing page experience has to be air-tight, otherwise, the results will be mediocre at best. Here are some of our tips on how to create quality landing pages.


example of health and wellness landing page best practices


Customer Strategy

At the strategic level, developing high-quality landing pages for your health or wellness business starts with understanding your customers. Do you know who buys your product or service? Who are your most valuable customers? Do you know where they’re located?

Acquiring high-value customers isn’t always easy, but it’s the best way to realize the highest ROI from your marketing efforts. Understanding your best customers is the first step towards developing the most effective personas.


Keyword Strategy

In addition to developing a strategy for messaging users with the right type of appeal at the right time, it’s important to drive paid traffic to the right landing page. For instance, if you’re marketing a heart rate monitor, the keywords in your paid campaign should be grouped to best target the types of searches that users are entering that relate to the product.


Color Theory

From a design perspective, the best landing pages make effective use of color. Color can be used on multiple levels:

  • To communicate an emotion
  • To create urgency
  • To direct the user’s attention
  • To inspire the user to take an action

For instance, it might be more effective to create a call-to-action with an aggressive color, like orange, to encourage a purchase decision. Softer colors like blues, greens or purples don’t create the same emotional connection as brighter colors like yellows, reds and oranges. It’s no surprise that red and yellow are so readily used in traffic lights and signs to indicate a possible hazard — these colors grab your attention!


Experiential Testing

How do users engage with your landing page?

From heat mapping to user experience testing, there are direct ways for evaluating the user experience. Heat mapping will give you insight into which sections of your page capture the most attention. Knowing this can help inform creative and strategic decisions such as where to place page elements designed to drive conversion vs. where to place page elements that are more likely to be skimmed or overlooked, like lists of features and other detail-driven content.

Furthermore, testing the user experience can validate or challenge your assumptions about what works and what doesn’t —

  • How does button shape affect conversion rates?
  • For mobile, how many tap-to-call buttons should be on the page?
  • How do conventions contrast across platforms?


Direct Response Tactics

How strategic is the copy on your landing pages?

Direct response techniques can turn a boring, low converting page that is too brand focused into a sales machine. Focusing on benefits over features and placing the user in a state where they can see themselves benefiting from the use of your product or service is integral to crafting persuasive copy that sells. Does your offer provide a unique opportunity to save or try something new? How does the page make users feel through the tone you’re using? What emotional appeal is optimal for selling your product or service? All of these are important considerations when it comes to creating great landing pages.


Testing & Measurement

The best kind of strategy when it comes to landing pages is one that you can prove with data. Optimize your landing page efforts by leveraging A/B testing. Iterating your best pages will help you learn what resonates with whom. Also, A/B testing is the only true way to understand the degree to which your pages are effective. If you have a high-converting landing page, and you’re not testing it, how do you know that it’s really “high converting?” Chances are, your page could perform better.


How Response Mine Can Help

Our creative team is constantly developing, testing and iterating landing pages for our clients across a range of verticals. When it’s time to develop landing pages for your business, Response Mine brings proven strategies to the table to create effective customer personas, keyword strategies and effective landing pages that convert.  Contact us today!




Andrew Whalen is an Art Director at Response Mine, responsible for increasing conversion for clients through creative strategy and testing. His extensive experience in UX design and direct response techniques continuously generates more sales for clients. When he isn’t creatively changing the digital landscape, he can be found on a bike trail, running path or renovating his old house.
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