With over 251 million Americans online everyday, placing your marketing efforts on the same digital platforms your potential customers use is critical to the success of your business.1 However, as other industries invest in online marketing and enhancing the user experience through leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the healthcare industry has been slow to adapt. In fact, healthcare marketers recently spent over 55% and 18% of their annual marketing budgets on television and print ads, respectively.2

Despite traditional marketing channels such as billboards, radio, and magazine advertisements still being popular outlets for hospitals and wellness providers, new research points to digital ads as being the most effective for the industry. Over 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase on their mobile device, just one sign that implementing a proven digital marketing strategy cannot be ignored.3


abstract representation of healthcare digital marketing efforts such as seo strategies and search engine marketing


Not including the financial costs that may come from losing out on sales by not shifting to digital marketing, the greater impact can be felt in how your company is perceived. Today’s informed consumer spends more time than ever searching and researching companies before making a purchase. By not having an online presence, leveraging email marketing, or engaging with potential customers on social media, it becomes harder to stay in front of your customers and build brand awareness. According to Google’s Health and Wellness report, 43% of all hospital research begins with a search engine query.4  This means by investing in SEO strategies and Search Engine Marketing, you can easily position your business in front of patients who are actively seeking your services.

Having both an established online presence and using proven digital marketing strategies are key to ensure that your company is in front of your target audience, at all times. This also helps to build your business’ credibility and increases the likelihood that new customers will be able to find you online and/or proactively seek out your business.



Finding the perfect mix of digital marketing approaches can be challenging. The healthcare marketing experts at Response Mine Health specialize in crafting winning marketing strategies for health and wellness providers. Our comprehensive methodology enables us to position your brand on the right platforms, at the right time, with the right messages to attract new patients and drive sales. For more information about our industry-leading process, click here.

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