Today’s patients are becoming increasingly digital in the way they interact with healthcare providers. Having a solid strategy for connecting with patients in the digital space hinges on effective creative based on thoroughly researched personas that are grounded in data.


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The Persona

Who is your ideal patient or customer? What do your target segments on ad platforms look like? If you queried your EHR database, what’s the distribution of patient ages, genders, races, incomes, education and geographic concentration?

The most successful patient personas are grounded in this kind of data. Developing them takes work, but with the right analytics tools, aggregating the data doesn’t have to be an arduous chore.

Assuming that you already have your personas in order, here are some of the chief considerations for developing high quality creative that converts.


The Message

Healthcare consumers are becoming more concerned with the outcome of their investment in health, not the bells and whistles that a hospital or practice can provide through technology. Does your marketing creative focus on the health benefits that patients crave, or does it serve to promote new buildings and new tech?


The Medium

While digital is the primary measurable channel in today’s healthcare marketing ecosystem, it’s not the only platform that is capable of driving results. As of 2018, although many older Americans have fully embraced mobile technology, there are still many senior patients who don’t respond to digital advertising in the same ways as their younger peers. Direct response TV and direct mail are still alive and well. That being said, we’ve found that most healthcare organizations have the most room to grow their marketing efforts in the digital space. Our patient surveys have shown that both doctors and patients value social media messaging over outdoor or other traditional messaging.


The Tone

Based on psychographic segmentation, we’ve identified three broad categories in patient dispositions. Some people are avoidant toward healthcare; some may be very complaint to doctor’s orders; still others may be very health conscious but still remain frugal or skeptical of providers. Obviously, targeting the compliant health consumer is a much easier task than one who is avoidant or discerning. Finding the right tone, therefore, is a critical component to developing your creative. Does your data indicate that certain messaging tactics work better than others? Some tones that you may employ could be helpful and informative, or conversely, an urgent and authoritative tone may be more effective. In other cases, a neutral, evidential tone is ideal. Developing high-quality marketing content requires strategy and measurement to be most effective.


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The Results

How do you know what you think you know about your creative?

Measuring creative effectiveness through A/B testing is paramount when you’re looking to verify your assumptions about your personas, messaging and tone. Iterating the types of images, designs, copy and layouts you employ can yield fascinating and valuable insights that will help improve your creative and your conversions.


If all of this sounds complicated, you’re right. It is complicated, but not impossible. Response Mine is well-equipped to develop and optimize your marketing creative from end to end and continually refine the messaging and the on-page user experience to drive results that matter.  If your marketing goals include making the most of the latest digital marketing tools to develop creative that increases patient acquisition, Response Mine Health can help. Our experienced marketing teams specialize in creating winning marketing strategies to take your company (and your brand) to the next level. Contact us today at 404-800-9499 for a complimentary marketing consultation.




Daniel Lamb is a Copywriter for Response Mine focused on direct response copy and content marketing strategy. His firm belief in targeted messaging drove him to spearhead Response Mine’s customer segmentation strategy creation. He also enjoys reading, playing guitar and brews a fine cup of coffee.
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