When it comes to technological innovation the healthcare industry highlights a complex paradox. Despite medical advances revolutionizing how patients are treated, many other aspects related to the patient experience are rather outdated. For example, healthcare marketers continue to use traditional print mediums to attract new patients, despite research pointing to digital platforms as being the most effective. As patients opt for more convenience and faster service, even online retailers like Amazon are eyeing ways to break into the healthcare market. With technological innovation being produced at breakneck speed, staying behind the times and not upgrading how you use technology is no longer a viable business option.


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Simply put, digital disruption is affecting all industries, the healthcare industry is no exception.


What is digital disruption?

Digital disruption is how technology and innovation are used to transform an industry. Consider how digital disruption revolutionized the camera market for pioneers and industry leaders like Kodak. With the advent of digital camera technology, Kodak went from being a clear market leader to a defunct company within a decade. And now, even digital camera companies have had to quickly evolve to prevent from being replaced by smartphone cameras. The key to managing digital disruption is to find ways to incorporate new technology into how your business operates and interacts with its customers.

Choosing not to invest in technology could mean the difference between growing your business or being put out of business. This is why utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies is critical to outpace the competition and attract new patients.


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What can we do to keep pace with digital disruption?

Patients are becoming more informed and expecting to have healthcare information at their fingertips on the digital platforms they currently use. Traditional marketing methods are quickly becoming obsolete, as 35% of patients look to digital or social media ads to find new health and wellness services.1

Understanding consumer expectations and incorporating them into digital marketing approaches is essential to growing your business. Even starting small with improvements to your digital marketing strategy and integrating predictive analytics can help you begin tapping into amazing online opportunities.

As healthcare providers and hospital systems upgrade their marketing approaches to include more digital efforts, being ahead of the technological curve will be critical to attracting and retaining patients. At Response Mine Health, we can help you implement cutting-edge digital marketing and online strategies while you focus on developing digital innovations to enhance service for your patients.


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