With over 80% of American adults owning an internet-enabled smartphone, having a robust mobile platform is key to attracting and engaging new customers. As the search engine landscape shifts to favor mobile-first indexing, not having a mobile website could negatively impact your search engine ranking. Here are the top three reasons why healthcare brands need to start switching their websites and marketing optimizations, to mobile-first immediately.


Young businessman using his smartphone to research healthcare providers.


1.) Exploding smartphone and mobile device use.

It is estimated that by 2020, nearly 50 billion mobile devices will be in use, at any given time. By having a mobile-first approach, your company can strategically position itself in front of your target audience on the platforms they use the most. The key is to be on the leading edge and adapt your marketing initiatives and mobile website design today, or risk being left behind.


2.) A new customer experience.

The days of visiting a store or office in person to get information are becoming obsolete. New customers want to be able to access the information they need in real time, when it is convenient for them. Taking a mobile-first approach will ensure that you design and market your services to meet your customers where they are. It is more than being mobile-friendly, customers are demanding a new experience that gives them the control to do everything online – without having to reach out to the company.


3.) The addictiveness of mobile technology.

Not only are smartphone and mobile device ownership increasing at record levels, the rate at which these devices are used has also increased. It is estimated that the average smartphone user performs 150 tasks on their smartphone, every day. This represents an amazing opportunity to get in front of your target audience as much as possible on the platform they prefer – their smartphone. And, with more than half of all internet searches occurring on a mobile device, making sure you rank as high as possible as Google begins to roll out mobile-first indexing is mission critical.


Mobile-first is more than just redesigning your website to be mobile friendly. Understanding exactly what mobile features your customers want and how best to deliver them will be the winning factor in helping you differentiate your company from the rest.

The mobile-first experts at Response Mine Health have worked with a host of healthcare providers to transform their company’s mobile experience to not only attract but to engage and retain more patients. To schedule a complimentary mobile-first focused consultation, contact Response Mine Health today.

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