Creating a highly personalized marketing strategy takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Understanding your patients’ health risks, their communication preferences, and their attitudes toward their healthcare can be valuable information to help you customize your marketing messages to truly resonant with them.

Having robust analytics tools to gather key patient demographic data is an important part of crafting marketing messages that meet your patients’ needs. However, without analyzing the data you collect to create detailed customer segmentation, you could be missing an opportunity to better shape your marketing strategies and content to speak to certain segments within your target audience.


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In a recent survey, it was found that most healthcare marketers segment their patients, according to basic demographic attributes, but just 11% of marketers use healthcare attitudes and only 22% use psychographic data to build patient personas.1 Without considering all factors that can influence a patient’s purchasing decision, healthcare marketers may be inadvertently ignoring the key emotional components that could be negatively impacting patient acquisition.

When it comes to growing your business, investing time, and resources into creating comprehensive patient personas is key. Beyond segmenting customer by basic demographic data, healthcare providers need to go a step further and consider patient attitudes toward their health and wellness. In our research, we’ve identified three attitudes or dispositions that most patients fall under: Avoid, Sustain and Thrive. By understanding how a patient views their health can help you position your most compelling benefits, in the right messages on the right platforms to reach them.

Response Mine Health Psychographic Segementation infographic explaining common attitudes toward healthcare for patient acquisition: Avoid, Sustain, and Thrive


At Response Mine Health, our full suite of analytics tools enables us to take your marketing to the next level by creating highly detailed customer personas to enable you to create thorough and highly personalized marketing content and campaigns. If improving your patient acquisition strategies is your top priority, contact the award-winning marketing analytics team at Response Mine Health today.

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