When it comes to reaching your target audience, where they are is key to understanding how to connect with them. As smartphones are quickly replacing the need for laptops and desktop computers, determining how your customers use technology is an essential component in allocating marketing resources accordingly. Recent research indicates that 95% of American adults own a cellphone, of some kind, and that over 77% of those cell phone owners have a smartphone with internet capability. This marks jump in smartphone ownership represents a nearly 210% increase in under 6 years.1 In contrast, 75% of American households own a computer, yet nearly 30% of consumers admit to using their smartphone to do internet searches, both at home and on the go.2


person using a tablet to search for healthcare information in their home while they also have access to a laptop.


With the prevalence of technology redefining how consumers search for, choose, and connect with healthcare providers, taking into account how they use these devices is key. Positioning your digital marketing efforts on the right platforms is mission critical to ensure that your company is in front of your target audience as often as possible. For consumers ages 40 and under, investing in mobile advertising platforms and leveraging social media ad space can be an effective way to engage this demographic. However, with only 40% of aging Baby Boomers owning a smartphone, and with many of them still using desktop computers, appealing to this audience will require a different approach.3 To reach Baby Boomers, leveraging more traditional digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, search engine marketing, and banner ad placement could serve to be the best use of marketing dollars.


Person holding a tablet that displays success metrics for their business.


The success of any marketing effort is always related to how well your marketing messages resonate and reach your target audience. Creating marketing profiles and personas to include technology and communication preferences can be an efficient way to ensure that the marketing strategies you use are targeted specifically to all of your audience’s needs. Also, using innovative digital marketing strategies to best fit your audience’s technology use patterns can help you carve out a competitive advantage within your industry.

Identifying proven ways to attract and engage your audience can be time-consuming and requires a systematic approach. The digital marketing experts at Response Mine Health specialize in segmenting healthcare audiences, crafting winning digital marketing solutions, and seamlessly growing our clients’ marketing reach by putting them on the right platforms, at the right time, with the right marketing messages to attract new customers.



If engineering an unshakable business advantage is important to you, then contact the award-winning healthcare marketing team at Response Mine Health today at 404-800-9499.

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