Today’s 21st century consumer is armed with a wealth of information at their fingertips. From browsing online reviews, checking out your company’s social media profile, to receiving targeted marketing ads, your target audience is more informed than ever. Reaching them where they are, on the platforms they use with the right marketing messages could mean the difference between increasing your revenue or barely breaking even. As the tech-savvy Millennials grow older and outnumber their Baby Boomer counterparts, utilizing highly personalized and measurable marketing approaches will be key. This is why leading healthcare providers are reducing their marketing spend on traditional advertising outlets to opt for a more customized, real-time marketing strategy.


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Even though top-tier hospitals are doing digital, a majority of hospitals are still spending a lot of their marketing budget on old platforms. When it comes to print advertising, radio commercials, and billboard space these outlets can reach a large number of potential customers, but their marketing ROI is extremely difficult to track. However, by leveraging the latest data analytic tools, marketers can seamlessly track and evaluate the effectiveness of almost any digital marketing initiative.

Even though digital marketing has been found to be the most effective in attracting and retaining customers, only 1 out of every 5 healthcare marketer is investing in this approach.1 As technology continues to permeate every part of our lives, it becomes clear that transitioning away from traditional advertising to a more real-time, metrics-based system is needed. In a recent Forbes marketing survey, researchers found that 61% of healthcare marketers cited securing marketing analytics tools as their #1 strategic goal for 2018. Yet, only 44% of those surveyed actually had access to the marketing analytic tools they needed to accurately track their marketing spend and effectiveness.2



The Award-Winning Marketing Analytics Solution

Attracting new patients to your healthcare practice is mission critical. Though identifying, evaluating and implementing the right marketing strategies and analytics tools can be both costly and time-consuming. That’s why at Response Mine Health, we specialize in partnering with you to secure the latest tools you need to get the most out of your marketing spend. Our personalized marketing dashboards provide you with the real-time insights you need to make informed business decisions.



If you’re ready to finally take the guessing out of marketing and implement winning analytics tools to skyrocket your sales, then contact Response Mine Health online or call us today at 404-800-9499.

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