When it comes to generating marketing results, health and wellness providers want more than “vanity metrics” to track ROI. Aptly named and often disregard in terms of their ability to predict sales, vanity metrics include the amount of social media engagement, link clicks, video views, even website traffic. In a recent March 2018 survey, 36% of CFO’s said that their biggest challenge with digital marketing is getting past the vanity metrics and being able to accurately understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.1

As leading companies are realizing that vanity metrics, though they may look good on the surface, are rather difficult to directly tie back to more measurable metrics such as business sales or customer acquisition. This leaves many health and wellness providers left guessing of what magic marketing combination of page views, social media posts, or open emails will attract enough new customers or increase revenue to meet business sales metrics.


Marketing professional trying to understand marketing metrics from a digital marketing campaign


Vanity metrics can play an important part in measuring the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, but only if they are analyzed in combination with other more quantifiable business metrics. Leveraging the entire data story from your marketing campaigns can be an effective way to know what to test, how to test it, and when to test it with your target audience. This is where A/B and split testing can be a powerful strategy to help organizations create a cohesive and accurate marketing profile of their customers and how best to reach them.



At Response Mine Health, we understand that proving ROI has never been more critical. That’s why we have engineered an innovative approach to how we track, analyze, and report marketing results to our clients. Our personalized dashboards give health and wellness providers unprecedented access to the real-time insights they need to draw actionable conclusions and make sound business decisions.

Our experienced marketing team moves well beyond vanity metrics to drive the real results our clients expect and deserve. with our “performance guaranteed” model, we assume all marketing risks upfront and only charge our clients once we have generated verifiable results.



Are you tired of getting distracted by vanity metrics? Are you ready to see what is really driving sales and how you can increase your marketing ROI?

Contact the proven digital marketing specialists at Response Mine Health today online or at 404-800-9499.

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