With technology as an integral part of everyday life, healthcare consumers have come to expect immediate access to the information they need, when they need it, on their mobile devices. Having a fully functional, user-friendly, and fast website could mean the difference between having a steady stream of new customers inquiring about your services, or having to spend thousands in marketing dollars just to get your name out there.

In today’s age of healthcare consumerism, going online to research healthcare providers, reading posted reviews, and examining social media profiles are what most consumers do before even considering making the first appointment. Therefore, the more seamless you can make their online experience, the higher the likelihood of closing a sale and gaining a new loyal customer. And, since the first stop for most internet-savvy consumers is your website, analyzing its load time is a top priority.


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Consumers are not likely to wait more than three seconds for your mobile website to load, before either closing the browser or clicking away from the screen, a recent Google study revealed.1 In fact, 79% of consumers who are dissatisfied with site performance admit to being less likely to visit or even purchase from the same site again. While the average healthcare mobile page loads in approximately 5.4 seconds, which is faster than most industries, this is still 2.4 seconds slower than what consumers are expecting.2  The key to enhancing your website speed is to ensure that it is properly built, maintained and continually upgraded to meet the latest technology standards. Otherwise, you risk turning customers away before they have a chance to learn more about your products or services.


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This is why checking your mobile page load speed, at least every few months, is key to ensuring your website is positioned well to attract and engage consumers. Doing a website revamp once a year is also an effective way to keep your website content fresh for consumers that may visit often and to connect with new consumers as they visit your website for more information.



The experienced digital marketing team at Response Mine Health can recommend proven strategies you can do today to decrease your website load speed and increase your positioning in front of your target audience. For a complimentary, no strings attached website review, contact us today to get started.

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