When it comes to meeting the customer service needs of consumers over the age of 50, going low tech and opting for more traditional routes are still the most effective. The Baby Boomer generation have experienced, firsthand, the dramatic shift from shopping in a brick and mortar store to being able to access everything online. Yet, despite the amazing technological strides and convenience that the internet has provided, consumers in this demographic still prefer face-to-face and telephone interactions over emails and social media.1


Baby boomer couple on the phone with their healthcare provider.


In fact, Baby Boomers are almost twice as likely to call a new healthcare provider with questions than their younger, Millennial counterparts.2 Taking a personalized marketing approach with older consumers can go a long way in establishing a lasting customer relationship and gaining their trust. Though they may continue to look online for reviews and health-related information, your Baby Boomer patients enjoy the immediacy that connecting with a real, customer service representative can provide. If you do require new customers to complete forms or inquiries online, be sure to always follow-up with a call to or email to acknowledge that you have received their information. In a recent study, researchers found that 70% of consumers say that their loyalty to a brand is influenced by their ability to get customer service at any time, anyday.3 So, having a fully staffed customer service department will be key in engaging older consumers throughout their patient experience.

Offering phone customer support is an effective way to meet the communication needs of your aging patients, however, the quality of the support you provide will make a measurable difference. Recent surveys have found that the length new and current patients are willing to wait on hold, before speaking with a customer service representatives is shortening. As technology trains consumers of all ages to expect a near-instant response, your phone support services must be equally as fast and reliable. For more details on just how long your Baby Boomer patients are willing to wait before hanging up, click here to read our full report.


Call center agent answering questions about a healthcare policy for a potential patient.


The key to attracting and retaining consumers over the age of 50, is tied to understanding how they like to receive information, what factors drive their decision-making process, and how you can cater to their communication preferences. If you do not already have a fully staffed call center, then now is the time to get a system in place. Making sure your staff is properly trained and as responsive as your older customers need them to be can be challenging. That’s why leading healthcare providers have partnered with Response Mine Health, to gain instant access to our state-of-the-art call center. As the only digital marketing agency with a fully HIPAA compliant call center, we can provide the superior level of customer service your patients expect while also helping you nurture that patient relationship to close more sales.



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