In marketing, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Instead, taking the time to learn about your customer becomes key in reaching them where, how, and when they want to be reached. Diving into your customer profiles and considering generational preferences are vital in determining how best to attract and engage new patients throughout the entire patient journey. And, when it comes to marketing to Generation X patients, taking a highly-targeted and personalized approach can increase your bottom line. Like their Millennial counterparts, patients between the ages of 40-50 value social media and have come to appreciate the immediacy of information access the internet can provide. However, email has been consistently rated as their most preferred form of communication. In fact, according to recent marketing research, Generation X consumers were 23% more likely than Millennials to purchase from a brand that they had received an email from.1


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Knowing how to reach out to Generation X patients is essential in understanding how to craft your marketing messages to truly resonate with them. 45% of consumers over the age of 40 acknowledge that they feel ignored by brands and prefer those brands that personalize communication or give them the ability to customize their purchasing experience.2 This could mean sending out follow-up emails after a customer service inquiry or reaching out via email after a doctor’s visit to address their questions and send pertinent reminders. The key is to find ways to personalize your email correspondence with generation X consumers as often as possible and find additional ways that you can deliver value in each email interaction.

Having grown up through the evolution of the internet, Generation X consumers are more likely than any other demographic to lean heavily on online reviews and ratings. When making medical decisions or considering a medical provider, 68% of patients 40-50 years old rate online reviews as the most important factor in their purchasing decision.3 Incorporating social proof in emails, such as testimonials or award announcements are effective ways to cater to Generation X’ers need to validate your credibility before purchasing your products or services.


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Understanding patient profiles and communication preferences are essential components of any well-positioned marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to connect with technology-driven Millennials or Generation X’ers who value a high level of personalization, tapping into the types of messages and platforms to connect with these new and potential patients is mission-critical.


That’s why the digital marketing specialists at Response Mine Health research the latest marketing trends and engineer the most effective ways to engage consumers at every touchpoint. If you feel that your marketing approach could use a 21st-century upgrade, contact us today.

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