In today’s digital world, consumers have come to expect a high level of convenience, especially when determining which health care provider or hospital to use. New patients want to have their questions answered in real-time, on whatever device or method they prefer. As technology evolves and redefines how we communicate and access information, providing exceptional customer service will need to go beyond staffing a call center. Instead, offering a wide variety of communication outlets for consumers to get the answers they need will be key in differentiating your services from others in the industry.


Group of Millennials using laptops and mobile phones to interact with their healthcare providers.


With the aging Baby Boomers being quickly outnumbered by the more “on-demand” Millennial generation, how you navigate the use of technology in your customer service processes could mean the difference between attracting new patients or losing out on business to more tech-savvy competitors.

When it comes to how best to reach the digital-focused consumer, not all outlets are made equal. With many consumers conducting research on their mobile devices, the use of live chat features has increased. In fact, when surveyed, approximately 37% of consumers between the ages of 18-39 prefer live chats to correspond with customer service representatives before making a purchasing decision.1

Since the Millennial age demographic accounts for nearly a third of the United States population and are expected to outnumber Baby Boomers by 2019, offering live chat on your website will be key in catering to this consumer sector.2 With a customer satisfaction level of 73%, live chat is the clear winner when compared with other communication methods like phone and email. Patients sited ease and the quick response rate as the reason they preferred this method because it allows them to make more informed decisions faster than ever.3


Millennial woman using live chat on her laptop to interact with her healthcare provider.


Keep in mind, your customer service support is a natural extension of how you market. When customer inquiries and concerns are handled efficiently and with a high level of professionalism, your patients are more likely to return for your services. By offering live chat, you are able to meet new patients where they are and get them to book an appointment or purchase your services that much faster.

In fact, 31% of patients acknowledge that they are more likely to purchase immediately following a live chat with a representative.4 Leveraging live chat features can also help you pinpoint emerging patient trends, patient pain points, and the types of inquiries new patients have. Unlike a phone call, every online chat log can be archived and analyzed to help drive your future marketing and business decisions.

Tapping into the communication preferences of the Millennial generation will be key in separating yourselves from your competition. Adding live chat to your website is inexpensive to do and can help you maximize your customer support capabilities. On average, one customer service representative can interact with up to three patients via a live chat, instead of just one patient during a phone call. In this way, you can ensure that all of your new patients’ questions are answered, in real-time, exactly how they prefer.


Staying on top of changing consumer preferences can be the secret weapon you need to attract and retain more patients. If you’re ready to transform how you reach and interact with your customers, then the marketing experts at Response Mine Health can help. Our proven and innovative marketing approaches can be just what you need to carve out an unshakable advantage. Contact us today to learn more.

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