When it comes to effective marketing, the mantra “one size fits all” does not apply. In today’s digitized age, patients respond to highly personalized ads more so than generic ones. And, as technological innovation continues to evolve and revolutionize how we interact with the world around us, it is critical now more than ever for healthcare marketers to leverage online platforms to position themselves in front of patients.

And yet, the research shows that marketers are still relying on what marketing methods that used to work as opposed to exploring new, proven marketing strategies. In a recent survey, healthcare marketers were asked to rank the influence of various marketing platforms in terms of how a patient chooses a hospital for care. According to healthcare marketers, billboards, social media, and television are the most effective advertising channels. However, when the same question was posed to doctors and patients, a glaring disconnect emerged. Doctors and patients cited social media, television, and radio as the three most influential marketing channels. In fact, compared to healthcare marketers, patients were more than two times less likely to rank billboards as an influential factor when choosing a hospital.


Woman using a smart phone to look up healthcare information through social media marketing advertisements.


Though there are some overlaps in responses, it becomes clear that the channels marketers are using may not be the right channels to truly attract patients. Today’s informed consumer is reliant, more than ever, on social media to learn about new health services and options. By investing in antiquated marketing outlets like billboards, that have statistically lower conversion rates, healthcare marketers are missing out on the power of digital marketing. Marketers must, instead, take an agile and innovative approach and invest time in studying patient preferences in order to strategically position marketing messages to be the most effective.

The marketing approaches that may have worked in the past, are probably not the same outlets that patients are using today. It is important for healthcare marketers to focus on implementing newer ways of marketing to continually meet the patient where they are. For example, both doctors and patients consistently ranked print advertising and billboard placement among the least influential marketing platforms. However, 28.3% of all healthcare advertising, accounting for over $2.7 billion dollars each year is invested in print and outdoor ad space.[1]


Example of outdoor billboard advertising for healthcare, hospitals, and other businesses in New York City


Identifying the best marketing strategies to attract new patients takes an expert approach. At Response Mine Health, our healthcare marketing specialists continuously analyze patient preferences to craft highly effective marketing messages to engage them where they are. To maximize marketing efforts, it is essential that healthcare marketers partner with doctors to better understand the patient experience. Without this level of collaboration, you could be sinking thousands of dollars into marketing channels that will continue to go unseen.


If you’re ready to position your company on the right marketing platforms to reach new patients at the right time, contact our award-winning healthcare marketing team today.

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