Leading digital marketing agency included in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s list as one of the best workplaces in the region.


After an exhaustive selection process, involving over 2,300 companies in the Atlanta area, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has awarded Response Mine Interactive, a leading health, wellness and fitness digital marketing agency top honors as a best place to work in the small business category. Thousands of employees across the greater Atlanta region submitted print and electronic nominations, in September 2017, to kick off the one-year long review process.

From the large nomination pool, under 300 companies were then selected to move forward for further consideration.

Award for Response Mine Interactive named one of the Atlanta Journal-Consitutuion's best places to work in 2018.


In total, over 55,000 employees were surveyed and additional statistical analysis was performed to identify the top-rated businesses across the large-, mid-size, and small business categories. Based on the correlated scores, companies were rank ordered from either 1 to 25, 1 to 50, or 1 to 75 depending on their corresponding business size designation.

Response Mine beat out many other small businesses, with high employee satisfaction rating, helping secure their ranking in their category. To be named the top place to work in the city, is a true distinction reserved for companies that go above and beyond to provide learning and advancement opportunities, encourage a healthy work life balance, and invest in their employees.

In today’s business environment, employers are continually striving to stand out and offer the most unique employee perks to attract the best talent. Response Mine’s ranking, in this year’s list, is largely attributed to their competitive employee benefits, their dog-friendly workplace, and Response Mine’s focus on empowering employees to achieve their professional goals.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is known for identify the highest performing companies that have earned the loyalty and affection of their employees, and this year’s award winners are no exception.


Empowering Companies to Create a Healthier Tomorrow

Response Mine is a 100% HIPAA compliant direct response digital marketing agency which specializes in partnering with health, wellness, fitness, and medical companies to provide strategic, meaningful marketing results. The full suite of digital marketing services are strategically-designed and implemented to position businesses on the right channels, at the right times to maximize their reach. With a focus on generating sustainable and measurable results, the marketing experts at Response Mine use cutting-edge and proven approaches to connect, engage, and grow a business’ target audience.

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