When it comes to attracting new patients, most healthcare providers and wellness vendors leverage some form of marketing. Whether it is social media posts, YouTube videos, search engine ads, or even traditional print ads, marketing is an integral part of all businesses. However, marketers may be falling short in how they measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

According to Forbes, only 21% of marketers are actually using analytics tools to measure marketing ROI.[1] While it may be safe to assume that most healthcare marketers are employing some way of tracking their marketing performance, they may not be tracking all of their marketing reach. These unintentional “blind spots” can lead healthcare providers to make uninformed decisions that could negatively affect how they can attract and engage with new patients.

Marketing analytics for a hospital

When you examine the top three reasons why securing marketing analytics tools is the #1 goal of 2018 for 61% of healthcare professionals, it becomes clear why it is a mission critical asset.


Increase Marketing ROI

With more robust tools to gauge patient engagement and interest across varying marketing outlets, healthcare providers are better equipped to position their marketing dollars where they will be most effective. The real-time insight can help drive marketing efforts so that money is positioned where it will have the most benefit and reach the target audience, where they are and when they are there. At Response Mine Health, we utilize a host of marketing tracking platforms to quantify the impact of your marketing spend on your overall business performance. This way you can make informed decisions of where and how to allocate your marketing spend to bring the most value to your business.


Enhance Customer Relationships

Understanding what marketing channels are the most effective in reaching your customers can help you establish deeper relationships with them. By tracking which patients interact with your content and where your marketing gets the greatest reach can help you personalize connections with your target audience. When patients feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to use your products or services. And, by leveraging the host of customization benefits that a marketing analytic suite can provide, you will be able to maximize and enhance every marketing touchpoint along the patient journey.

Nurse building customer relationship with an at-home visit


Boost New Sales

Marketing and sales are inherently intertwined. By implementing marketing analytics tools, you will be able to better understand how these two functions influence your business. With better insight into the effectiveness of your marketing, across various channels, you can strategically position your marketing dollars where they will have the most impact. By having this inside knowledge of what format and which marketing outlets work best to drive revenue, healthcare providers will be able to capitalize on their marketing to truly increase sales and profits.

Since marketing is a much-needed business function, maximizing its reach and minimizing the cost are paramount to your business’ success. Though identifying, evaluating and implementing the right marketing analytics tools can be both costly and time-consuming, they can serve an integral part of attracting new patients. At Response Mine Health, we take the guessing out of marketing and utilize industry-leading analytics tools to drive real results for our clients.


Is converting your marketing dollars into more sales and more customers your #1 goal in 2018?


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