2018 is here and it’s become clear that artificial intelligence will be a big digital marketing trend this year. According to a recent study, 30% of marketing leaders are planning to prioritize AI technology this year and a recent Demandbase survey reveals that 80% of marketing leaders believe AI will revolutionize the industry by 2020.

It’s clear that artificial intelligence is something marketers will need to address – and soon. Knowing the benefits and potential applications of this technology can give you a head start in utilizing its potential and jump-starting your marketing efforts.

Better Understanding of the Marketplace

Customer relationship management and analytics software programs are experiencing rampant AI improvements. Leveraging predictive tools, you can combine data input with human intuition to build more in-depth profiles of your ideal customers.

Predictive AI enables you to:

  • More accurately correlate user profiles with online behaviors.
  • Identify the most profitable solutions for each customer type.
  • Figure out which communication platforms particular prospects prefer.
  • Gain more understanding of how the buyer journey transpires for people who convert with specific solutions.

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Increase Personalization and Message Relevance

Marketing automation tools are also being infused with AI to increase personalization. More intelligent and predictive information about your customers will help you build more effective content to better align with each user’s position in the buyer journey. Soon you will have the option to combine automation with a CRM database to deliver preplanned campaigns that are triggered by user behaviors. If you use strategies like lead scoring, your personalized campaigns can be triggered when the software recognizes a behavior that will help move potential customers through your lifecycle stages.

AI technologies can even be integrated with chatbots to facilitate a more consumer-friendly user experience on your website.

Pay Attention Image-Recognition Advancements

A relatively new category of digital marketing AI is image-recognition. Some tools now allow you to identify consumers based on image recognition and matching them to online social media profiles. Amazon’s Rekognition program is even able to interpret the emotions a person is experiencing from an image.

This type of technology creates opportunities for you to gain insight into the general attitudes of consumers. You may also gain insights based on user interactions with your website or social media. Identifying consumers more easily online and detecting emotions offers a lot of potential in the coming years.

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Monitor SEO Performance

Since Google’s RankBrain algorithm update, the search giant has increased reliance on AI to deliver the best search results for users. Based on its importance, Google’s progression with AI means marketers need to stay on top of updates, news and search rankings.

Google’s primary goal is to integrate AI that mirrors human intuition with the more than 200 factors in its search algorithm. Evaluating content and web pages as much like a human as possible contributes to the delivery of ideal results that users value. AI is only going to get bigger for SEO in 2018 and it will be critical for marketers to understand how it is interpreting and interacting with their content.


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