A lot of the talk about personalization in marketing centers on the point of purchase and consumption for customers. However, savvy marketers recognize the value in personalizing the entire journey of targeted buyers.

The following are tips to help healthcare providers personalize the patient journey from initial awareness through appointments and treatment.


Develop Precise Target Markets

Increased competition has contributed to a greater need for targeting precision when marketing in healthcare. You need a clear, accurate and thorough description of the patients your practice attracts.

In addition to demographics, geography, and behaviors, think about the lifestyle implications of people you help. Consider their emotions, circumstances, and desires when pursuing treatment for health conditions. The more you know about the people you attract, the more equipped you are to build personalized content.


Patient journey map.


Interact at the Individual Level

As you contact prospects through digital ads, social media, websites, and emails, deliver useful, relevant messages at the individual level. Create content with “you” language that speaks to each audience member as though he or she is the primary target. Include tips, examples, and storylines that address the specific health needs of your patient persona. Connect with particular users on social media by monitoring conversations about health topics that your firm treats.

Add blog and video content that includes helpful tips and resources for people looking for specific types of information. Videos are often more personal than copy. They allow you to tell stories about the quality of care your practices provide and the people who work there.


Create Personalized Landing Pages

Creating website landing pages based on product and services is common. Instead, create pages that match the motives and interests of your targeted patients. You might even have multiple pages to connect with different patient personas interested in the same type of care.

Each of your advertising campaigns targeting a distinct market should have a dedicated landing page. The content of that page should align with the information sought by patients as they move from awareness to consideration, and ultimately, an appointment.


Healthy Home and Lifestyle


Make Appointment-Setting Convenient

After you attract people to your website, simplify the process of setting an appointment. Allow people to call, send messages or set appointments online.

Ideally, you want to get new patients set up on a custom portal that begins their long-term relationship with your practice. This portal allows you to personalize the post-purchase leg of the patient journey by offering health information access, records, communication and prescription requests.


Continue Communication with Patients

Retention of patients is key to your healthcare practice. In addition to a dedicated portal, mobile messaging helps with communication. You can send text alerts for new test results, patient confirmation and other important items. Regular, convenient communication shows genuine interest in the welfare of your patients.



Personalizing the patient journey at each stage takes time and effort with upfront planning. Utilize these strategies achieve success with your marketing efforts.

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