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Running a marketing agency is a lot like operating a doctor’s office.

Even a physician that went to the best medical school, trained at a premier hospital and pioneered cutting-edge research techniques will fail to heal patients that do not have trust in the relationship. A breakdown of the doctor/patient relationship can lead to the patient withholding symptoms, second-guessing treatment plans or switching providers entirely.

The same is true for marketers, especially in digital strategy. The tools we have to develop campaigns, test messaging and measure results are phenomenal — but they are meaningless if the client relationship is lacking.

Response Mine Founder and CEO Ken Robbins put it best when he said, “For years, I’ve been mystified by the fact that even when we provide expert services and we deliver way above our clients’ goals, we still occasionally lose a client, and we still find ourselves curious why they called someone else for a service we could have provided them. When I read The ‘Trusted Advisor Fieldbook’ and learned its methodology, I understood that I had missed the boat. Clients don’t just want an expert; they want someone to hand them weapons and put up the shield when they’re going to war for customers.”

Moved by the Trusted Advisor framework, Ken arranged an official training for every client-facing member of the Response Mine team. It was a perfect fit for Response Mine’s expert marketers that are both consultants and meticulous problem solvers because the Trusted Advisor methodology isn’t just soft and fluffy inspirational talk; it’s something that can be implemented every day and improved. It even includes a quantifiable equation for calculating trust that involves variables like reliability, credibility and intimacy. Every Response Mine team member is also reading and studying “The Trusted Advisor” to gain a thorough understanding of its proven principles.


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Most importantly, this training has equipped every account manager to take client performance to the next level. One of the most important avenues to achieve is through listening, so Response Mine clients can expect our team not only to hear everything that they have to say but also to lead on exactly what we need to know to deliver the best results possible. As a trusted advisor, Response Mine is a true partner that is squarely on the side of our clients, putting their needs ahead of our own to help them achieve as much as possible.

“The Trusted Advisor system truly gets to the heart and soul of how to interact with your clients and put their needs ahead of the agency,” said Brad Roberts, VP of Client Services and Strategy for Response Mine. “It offers a methodology that doesn’t just “give in” to the client to say they are always right, but offers a guide to building a collaborative relationship to ensure the best, most honest advice is given, whether it is good for the agency or not.”

The methodology can also be used to build collaboration internally. This gives Response Mine clients more access to the institutional wisdom of the entire company as account managers share more resources and knowledge among each other and dedicate themselves to every single organization that the agency consults.

Don’t be surprised if someone from our team dives in a little deeper than before on learning about the issues you face and asking questions you may not have actively thought about previously. We’re all working harder to enhance our relationships and learn how much more can be accomplished when the trust between us is optimized.

Once you see how well it works, don’t be shy about asking any of us for more information on how you can put the same methodology to use inside your company!

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