ATLANTA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Ken Robbins, CEO of Atlanta-based digital marketing agency Response Mine Health, will share nine consumer behaviors that are unravelling traditional models in the healthcare sector and creating new opportunities for health and wellness companies at the Medtrade Conference & Expo in Atlanta on October 25.

“The landscape for healthcare products and services is shifting as quickly today as e-commerce was in the late 1990s, and the market is gearing up to rapidly separate the winners and losers,” said Robbins. “Empowered healthcare shoppers are ushering in a new era of consumerism that is amplifying competition in the sector.”

Among the nine trends that Robbins will reveal in his session Digital Marketing to the Aging Population — It’s Not Just Direct Mail Anymore are:

  • Undoctoring – Patients are declining to blindly follow primary physician directives, instead they’re challenging healthcare providers to explain and justify therapy plans. Many choose from a large ecosystem of information and alternatives including self-care and medical tourism.
  • Medical shopping – Unwilling to accept reasonable and customary cost structures, patients are applying price comparing behaviors learned in the commercial space to their care. This will lead to a mandate for transparency in procedure and product pricing that will increase competition and lower prices.
  • User experience – Armed with more information and paying higher out of pocket costs, patients demand stellar experiences from efficiency in the waiting room and phone to quick loading, responsive websites.
  • Applificiation – Wearable monitors, digitally connected healthcare products and smartphones are creating a nation of self-monitoring patients. Measurement leads to management and consumers are becoming own early detection systems and the gamification of healthcare.

Check out Ken’s session at Medtrade or contact the experts at Response Mine Health to learn more about these trends and how to leverage them to position health and wellness products for success.

About Response Mine Health

Response Mine Health is a premier, fully HIPAA compliant digital agency that helps health and wellness clients acquire more customers and patients using direct response digital marketing. For the past 15 years, Response Mine Health has generated millions of dollars in new revenue across healthcare companies including Liberty Medical, Hoveround, North American Spine and MedExpress. For more information visit

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