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Children today know that if they want their grandparents to see photos of what they are doing, they need to share them on Facebook. They’re also used to seeing digital video of grandma reading bedtime stories and grandpa singing Happy Birthday from across the country over Skype. These kids know something that has eluded marketers for too long: Senior citizens are savvy internet users too.


This notion went largely unnoticed because seniors were late to the game. They didn’t push the internet revolution; they were pulled into it. Anyone who has relatives in their 60s and beyond knows that this generation loves to spend time online reading news, researching investments and discovering healthcare treatments. How did they get there? They were pulled in because they wanted to keep up with family members using email and chat. As the medium grew, so did their usage to incorporate social media and digital video.

Baby Boomers don’t exhibit the same online behaviors as other generations, and that means that marketers must take a different approach to engage with and convert them.

RMI has been a leader in helping brands develop digital marketing strategies that reach all types of consumers online, including seniors, for more than a decade. CEO and Founder Ken Robbins is excited to share actionable insights on what healthcare brands can do right now to harness the tremendous spending power of this generation at the Medtrade conference in Atlanta on October 25. The hour-long learning session Digital Marketing to the Aging Population –It’s Not Just Direct Mail Anymore hosted by Ken will show attendees how to use digital channels to reach seniors that are eager to discover and purchase healthcare solutions that enable them to live better lives. Among the topics Ken will discuss include the following:

A generation of avid researchers

While marketers have to grab younger generations immediately before they lose interest, seniors are the exact opposite. They have the time to research and they want as much information as possible as quickly as they can get it. That full page of copy loaded with testimonials and research study results that Millennials would never read is what resonates most with information-hungry yet cautious seniors.

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Reputation trumps message

Seniors are not willing to try something and then move on to the next thing if it doesn’t work. They perform due diligence on purchase decisions and calculate risk with precision. While Millennials want to visit healthcare providers that are located nearby and get them in and out quickly, Boomers are looking for physicians trusted by their peers that studied at prestigious universities.

Seniors are rabid consumers of all media. It is almost impossible to market effectively to seniors using a single media channel. They read newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio in addition to spending time online. Building awareness on television complemented with detailed print advertising and comprehensive information on websites increases the chances that Boomers will seriously consider an offering.

Generation X advocacy

 Seniors have great trust in their Generation X children to help them make healthcare decisions and lean on them more to do so as they age. These family members are also active in helping make sure that their loved ones receive the best care and products. Marketing effectively to Boomers means also crafting messages that resonate with their Gen X kids.

The Baby Boomer generation represents a great reservoir for healthcare marketers that is largely untapped and poorly understood. Learn how to turn these hungry healthcare consumers into your best customers and patients at Medtrade, the largest Home Medical Equipment Expo and Conference in the US.

Registration for this massive and informational three-day conference in Atlanta is still open, so get your ticket today if you haven’t done so already.


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