More than 700 healthcare marketers and IT professionals from the nation’s leading practices are about to descend upon Austin, Texas for’s 21st annual Healthcare Internet Conference. Imagine what it was like to attend this event back in its inaugural year, 1996. Macarena was the number one song in the country, Bill Clinton was running for a second term of office (and we didn’t even know yet that Vice President Al Gore invented the internet!) and Google was still two years away from being born.

The entire internet only had about 35 million users, and most people were scared to use their credit cards online in 1996. Contrast that to today, when 90% of Americans are actively shopping for products online.

hcic-logoRetail in 2017 looks almost nothing like it did in 1996. Smart retailers adapted to changes in consumer behavior and embraced omnichannel models. They developed highly targeted digital marketing campaigns that could be easily measured and tweaked to optimize conversions from the exact segments they wanted as customers. Retailers took control of their online branding and spent the better part of 21 years experimenting and learning how to turn the internet into the most powerful marketing and conversion retail machine the world has ever seen.

Healthcare marketers fell behind and are now playing catch-up — but they do not face the same risks that retailers did when they were thrusting themselves into the digital marketing realm. Best practices from the retail world are firmly established, and they can be modified and implemented by the healthcare sector to achieve similar success. RMI’s Vice President of Client Services & Strategy Brad Roberts will explain exactly how to do this alongside Lumity Life Vice President of Marketing Brett Lauter at their HCIC session: Lessons from Retail: Applying Multi-Channel Consumer Strategies to Your Marketing.

Attendees at this session will have the rare opportunity to learn the most important marketing lessons from the digital age of retailing. Case studies from giants like Home Depot and Carhartt will help healthcare marketers understand how to create digital programs that meet and exceed patients’ expectations, lift conversion rates while driving the best outcomes for practices and patients alike.

Healthcare marketers that want to succeed must tap into online consumer behaviors of modern “healthsumers.” Three-quarters of all smartphone owners say they use their phones to search for healthcare providers. More than 78% of Americans today have already searched their symptoms on the internet before ever seeing a doctor and 65% of them say they trust the internet as a reliable source of information. Healthcare consumer behavior changes over the past 21 years have impacted how people seek and purchase care as much, and perhaps even more than how they buy products from retailers.

“Healthcare products and services are the most personal and important shopping decisions most consumers make during their lifetimes, and marketers have understandably taken it slow because the cost of failure is high and there are privacy regulations to consider,” said Ken Robbins, CEO and Founder of RMI. “Competition in the healthcare sector is fierce and consumers expect their providers to engage and service them online. Retailers learned how to do that and Brad Roberts is an expert in helping healthcare providers apply those lessons to attract the best patients while also adhering to specific best practices unique to healthcare.”

Learn how to give your digital marketing a shot of adrenaline without worrying about violating privacy laws or alienating patients. Visit Brad and Brett October 24, 2017 at 10:15 am in the Lone Star H room at the Austin Marriott during HIC.

And if you haven’t registered for’s Healthcare Internet Conference yet, tickets are still available.

To learn more about applying lessons from retail digital marketing to your healthcare strategy, contact us today!

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