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Many talented healthcare providers and practices innovate with technology. However, they fail to leverage their innovation through effective marketing and aren’t able to best serve the people that could benefit the most. Here are some key healthcare marketing strategies and tips to help you get the most value out of your health innovations.

Identify the Ideal Audience

As much as you may enjoy the process of discovering healthcare innovations, they are of little practical value until you identify the people that your new technology or process helps. Thus, effective health innovation marketing begins with identification and development of thorough target markets.

You may have one specific type of person that your innovation can help or you might have the ability to help people with multiple health circumstances. The more depth you build in your patient profile, the better. Include the types of questions, concerns, and emotions that your targeted prospects have.

Identify the Benefits

It is tempting with innovation to focus on technology and features. However, patients care about the benefits they get from the new opportunity. When possible, build a detailed demographic, firmographic and geographic profile of your prospects. Doing so gives you a sense of who you serve and a catalyst for character and story development within your advertising.

Most importantly, integrate lifestyle segmentation elements into your patient persona. Regardless of the product or service, people consume things that support or enhance their lifestyle in some way. Generally, with health, the objective is to improve quality of life through preventative or treatment-based care. By knowing how your innovation aids patient lifestyle, you are more apt to develop relevant promotional campaigns that appeal to your targeted prospects.

Focus on Comparisons

The nature of good innovation is that it provides an advantage relative to historical or traditional ways of doing things. Thus, you want to incorporate comparisons into your marketing content. Point to common limitations that patients are used to from previous technology or approaches. Then, emphasize the enhancements in those areas with your health innovation.

As time goes by, patient testimonials are a powerful piece to promoting innovation. Be mindful of HIPAA limitations, but give credence to the reality that prospects trust the experiences of others more than branded messages. Tell the stories of your patients who have experienced improvements in their quality of life due to your innovation.

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Implementing Effective Solutions

Promoting healthcare innovation requires much of the same strategic development as promoting other healthcare solutions or products in general. You need to know who your innovation serves, how it benefits those people and how it compares to prior experiences. Focus on the lifestyle that your prospects can enjoy relative to the one that their health challenges mitigate or prevent.

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