Attracting prospects and selling memberships is an ongoing challenge for most fitness centers. Step one is to get people in your doors through an effective fitness marketing strategy. Step two is to persuade people that your member experience is far superior to those offered by competing gyms in the same price range. The following is a look at strategies and tips for developing and executing a stellar fitness marketing strategy to boost your subscriptions.

Identify Your Customers and Their Goals

Get into the minds of your prospects and figure out what brings them to your center. The best place to begin this investigation is with existing clients. Conduct a survey or talk to longtime members to find out what prompted them to seek out a gym in the first place, and what their health and wellness goals were at the time.

Effective membership marketing is a way to fill more classes.

Understanding all physical, mental, and emotional desires of prospects puts you in the best position to create impactful messages. Focus on the broader health and wellness objectives and not isolated activities or pieces of equipment.\

Choose the Right Delivery Channels

After you build your member personas, identify which communication channels are best to get your messages to them. A majority of prospects investigate options online, which means content marketing and social media are high-impact channels.

Build a website, blog, and social media strategy that consistently reinforce concentrated themes about how the services your center offers align with the needs and motives of your prospects. Invite people in for a free, no-hassle tour so that you can show off the experience in person.

Prepare to Sell

Unless you are a large facility with a sizable budget, you likely don’t have full-time dedicated sales professionals on staff. Instead, you must rely on your front desk team and other staff to convince guests to subscribe. To optimize results, develop a sales process and train your team on how to implement it.

An effective gym tour is key. Walk your team through the process and emphasize the most compelling features that meet the prospect’s needs. To do this, reps must ask questions of prospects early and often. Adapt the tour to the prospect’s interests. Role play through effective question responses and give your reps plenty of practice in making the sale.

Lead with the Experience

Whether on the phone or in person, “What’s your fee (or price)?” is a common starter question. While you want to be honest and upfront, you can postpone the response. Get the prospect to focus first on the benefits and experience. In many cases, rates vary by level of service. A good reply is, “What are your health and wellness goals so that I can give you rates on the best service plan to meet your needs?” This type of question drives a conversation that allows you to tease a few key features and offerings before you get to price.

Increase fitness subscriptions by waging effective digital fitness marketing strategies.

Employing Effective Fitness Marketing

Optimizing memberships requires a combination of effective fitness marketing and sales strategies. This combination helps you attract interest from people looking to improve health and wellness, and then persuade them to make the subscription plunge.

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