E-commerce continues to drive record levels of business. Internet Retailer reported an estimated $355 billion was spent at online businesses in 2016. However, with increased numbers of health seekers turning to the web for shopping, competition is on the rise as well. Companies that succeed in attracting, and more importantly retaining, high-value health consumers do so because they leverage user engagement. The following are strategies and tips to help you engage your visitors to convert them into buyers and then long-term customers and drive up your sales for your e-commerce business.

Why User Engagement Matters

Simply put; user engagement matters because it impacts the amount of money a customer spends per transaction and over the course of time. Gallup recently reported that “fully engaged” users spend $373 per visit as compared to disengaged users, who spend $289 per visit. Also, actively engaged users visit your site 44 percent more often than disengaged users.

Improving User Engagement

Now that you realize the “dollars and sense” behind user engagement, consider the following strategies to ramp it up with your customers:

Offer Valuable Content

First and foremost, offer your users valuable content. Create landing pages and blog posts aimed at identifying and responding to the problems your customers face, and the solutions they desire.

As much as possible, call attention to particular users in your digital and social messaging, and alert them to the value your solutions provide. Thorough product descriptions that address all areas of concern are valuable.

Utilize Real-Time Digital Tools

Websites don’t engage people; people engage people. Therefore, implement a strategy for regularly communicating with your users. An email marketing program is a good place to start. Capture visitors when they purchase and get them subscribed to your email newsletter.

Social media marketing is fueled by its opportunities for direct engagement. Share content and insights that matter to targeted users. Respond to comments and questions about your brands or the products you sell. Engagement on social keeps your brand in front of users. Mobile apps and text messaging tools are also options for engaging users regularly.

Deliver a High-Quality UX

user experience drives e-commerce sales
We don’t want to downplay the importance of a high-quality user experience on your website either. Your website is your storefront. Just as brick-and-mortar operators need to maintain a clean, uncluttered, and user-friendly store atmosphere, your website needs to meet the expectations of your customers.

Think beyond the content and consider all facets of what customers appreciate on an e-commerce site. Offer a clean, easy-to-use site layout with fast page-loading and simple navigation. People want a convenient shopping experience. Limit your shopping cart process and data-capture to the essential items.

A mobile-friendly site, with responsive design, is an absolute must as well, given that many consumers now shop on a tablet or smartphone.

Optimize For Success

Engagement is the key to unlocking the door to more visitors that are likely to invest significant amounts of money with your e-tail company over their lifetime. Keep in mind the opportunities to engage people on your website and through other digital platforms.

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