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Social media marketing has become integral to the success of top fitness brands. However, you need to recognize some of the common mistakes companies make so you don’t make the same ones. Here’s a look at several of the most common social media mistakes made by fitness companies, along with strategies and tips to avoid them.

Not Having a Long-Term Vision

Too often, companies dive into social media without a plan because they are in a rush to establish a presence. Certainly, you need to get active on social media if you aren’t currently. However, a plan helps you execute on consistent and cohesive branding. A strategy also safeguards your firm against message mishaps.

As you establish your vision, consider your target markets and how each tool allows you to reach an audience effectively. Each platform has a different user base and distinct communication patterns. Only set up and operate accounts on tools that you can consistently communicate with, and use to achieve your brand objectives. Though specific posting optimization guidelines vary, it is typical to post at least a few times daily on each channel.

Missing Opportunities to Engage

Another reason to concentrate on a few primary channels is to ensure you can engage people that comment on your brand. If someone makes a negative comment about your fitness brand on Twitter, for instance, you don’t want to leave that message festering in the public arena. You may also miss opportunities to engage with customers who genuinely enjoy — and post about — your products.

Proper engagement inspires your audience, shows genuine interest in the customer experience, and potentially cuts off negative word-of-mouth.

Ignoring Social Media Changes

In an effort to keep up, prominent social channels evolve with new features and tools. Your brand will fall behind the competition if it doesn’t keep up with these changes.

In some cases, new features allow you to more effectively present your fitness brand to the marketplace. For instance, live-streaming on Facebook and Instagram have become popular ways to show off customers utilizing your products.

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Improper Hashtagging

Hashtags are keys to effective social branding, expanding your message reach and engaging in conversations. However, some of the most significant social faux pas have resulted from social moderators jumping into conversations without researching the context of a hashtag.

As part of your fitness brand’s social media plan, outline rules for engagement that allow for efficient, effective and professional interactions with commenters.

Optimizing for Success

There is a lot to know about social media to ensure you achieve benefits and avoid risks for your fitness brand. You need to build a plan, utilize real-time engagement opportunities, stay current and effectively use hashtags.

Given the time and expertise required, leveraging an experienced social media agency is often the better choice for fitness brands. Let Response Mine Interactive be your expert partner, contact us today!.

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