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Keeping up with trends is an important part of a quality social media marketing strategy. And given the fast-evolving nature of this communication platform and increased competition for patients, your healthcare practice or wellness business can’t afford to fall behind.

Here’s a look at some of the most critical social media marketing trends that could shape health marketing in the near future.

More Live Visual Streaming

Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope are well-established live video streaming tools. Instagram’s recent announcement about live video streaming being added to its “Stories” features shows this trend is only going to expand.

Although privacy and ethics rules won’t allow you to live stream a lot of actual treatment in your practice, there are things you can do to leverage this trend. Interviews with happy workers, office tours, and helpful tips seminars are possible ways to get your practice in front of a live social audience.

Increased Personalization in Messages

Marketers, in general, continue to look for all possible solutions for efficiently delivering personalized messages to targeted prospects. More social tools and apps are being released that allow your health business to identify and communicate with specific patient personas.

The advantage of social media data-tracking capabilities offered by sophisticated tools is that you can leverage the natural interaction of social platforms to reach the right prospects.

A Desire for Real News

“Fake news” became a buzz phrase during the 2016 political election season. Unscrupulous outlets preyed on audiences hungry for the next dramatic news nugget by using click bait and exaggerated claims.

Facebook has taken the lead among social tools by indicating in November 2016 that they would block “fake news” outlets from advertising on their site. Fake news is especially risky in healthcare, where unsuspecting people can fall victim to bogus claims. The good news for reputable practitioners is you get more attention by offering credible resources that drive traffic to your sites.

Greater Emphasis on the Social Word-of-Mouth Referral

Leveraging sharing is integral to a good social media marketing strategy. Millennials have taken reliance on friends for product referrals to new heights.

Even before visiting websites or apps, potential patients look to friends and family for practice and provider recommendations. Use your satisfied patients as sounding boards to take their message of positive experiences to their social circles.

Optimize for Success

Most of the major trends that affect social media marketing strategy are important in health business as well. Knowing how social media companies and their user bases are evolving helps you optimize your current approaches.

Another way to optimize your social media marketing strategy is to work with an expert partner like Response Mine Health — contact us today! Worried about compliance in your social media posts? Watch our video and read our blog on social media compliance laws: CLICK HERE to learn more.

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