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RMI is pleased to announce that our CEO Ken Robbins has accepted a position on the advisory board of Atlanta corporate wellness company Fit2Win Wellness, LLC. As RMI’s health and wellness sector continues to grow, Ken will have a front-row seat to the inner workings of the challenges and opportunities a rapidly scaling wellness technology company faces. We know that Fit2Win Wellness will benefit greatly from the expertise that Ken brings its advisory board, and he expects to gain perspective from the front lines of the corporate wellness landscape that will translate to many of RMI’s client companies.

If you aren’t familiar with Fit2Win Wellness, definitely check it out. Founded by local bodybuilder, trainer, and award-winning public speaker Dean Rosson along with co-founder and brilliant business executive Shawn Mahoney, Fit2Win is a device independent platform that employees can use to set fitness and nutrition goals, learn about a wide variety of health and wellness topics to help them on their journeys through a robust video and article library, and a dashboard that tracks results. Fit2Win also empowers employers to motivate their employees by creating challenges and teams that drive engagement.

Helping employees achieve healthier lifestyles is perfectly aligned with the corporate values of RMI. Ken said, “It’s an honor to be appointed to the advisory board for Fit2Win. What Dean and Shawn have done to advance the health and fitness of their clients and the companies using this platform is remarkable. Their mission to help corporations better encourage the health of their employees is only exceeded by the design and cleverness of the Fit2Win offering. I look forward to helping them grow.”

Fit2Win Wellness is indicative of the burgeoning health and wellness sector that is fueling much of RMI’s growth. Our health and wellness and medical marketing practice areas together with Back Pain Centers of America represent fantastic opportunities for growth in the coming months and years. Companies like Fit2Win Wellness are vital to the future of this rapidly evolving sector, and RMI is well positioned to help shape the future of it.

Ken brings two decades of marketing experience with more than fifteen years in medical and wellness product marketing to the board. Please join us in congratulating him on this fantastic opportunity to give back to the local business community and learn from it.

Contact us to learn more about what Ken and the healthcare and wellness marketing team are up to.

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